PMDC’s Lady of the Month

28 December 2007 at 00:40 | 966 views

By Karamoh Kabba, USA.

She is my lady - I mean our lady - the PMDC’s lady of the month who deserves to be everyone’s lady. Her name is Susan Bona; a very unassuming lady, a simple going one-step at a time lady with a forward-looking head on her shoulders and forward-marching feet on boots, of the PMDC-Delaware Valley chapter.

Just few months of losing general elections to the APC, she is already bent on pooling all her resources together for a better 2012 elections. On December 22, 2007, Susan assembled PMDC and APC supporters and even some SLPP members together for a fundraiser for PMDC victory in 2012.

And kudos to all the other members of the PMDC-Delaware Valley chapter who concertedly pulled off this great feat of partly combined Victorian and African Traditionalism style dinner

But yes! Oh, yes! This is all about Ms. Bona: And if you are an SLPP supporter who disagrees, you can go jump into the River Moa. If you otherwise happen to be an APC supporter and don’t like it; hey! The River Rokel conveniently flows under the WharMan Abu highway in the Tonkolili district for your own jump.

Is there a River for PMDC cynics?

That is the magic behind Ms. Bona’s whole idea: She must blend these two rivers together by 2012 for PMDC cynics to have their own field day at martyrdom for disagreeing. Well, well, well; Ms. Bona has her job of creating a ‘dumping river’ for PMDC cynics to become martyrs of their conviction cut out for her.

Please don’t ask for explanation - just decode me or decode my commentary as you like it.

Meanwhile, allow me to whisper in your ears what I know, if you dare to bend down low: Susan is liberal, she is determined and she is steadfast all at once. In fact, she is so liberal that she called upon an APC representative to head speechmaking at a PMDC function. And here comes our PMDC disciplinarian Acting Chairman, Mr. Steven Ngauja with his rattan; “Susan, you are very liberal, but I must remind the APC people that this is a PMDC function - they will have their turn...,” he stated before moving on to introducing the Chairman of the PMDC-USA Board of Advisers, Mr. Olabisi Carlton-Carew, commonly known as ‘The Godfather.’

He is a big man, he is not fat - just a big man. He can even pass for a president. He is a very successful industrial product developer, a straight-thinking business executive who flew in from Phoenix, Arizona, for this fundraiser. Without wasting time, like the Godfather he is, he said: “we must raise a lot of money and with leadership as Ms. Bona’s within our rank and file, 2012 will be ours,” he stated in profound confidence much more common amongst politicians than business executives.

Mr. Ngauja had stated earlier that the APC must do well, lest they have a serious challenge ahead of them from the PMDC.

In thunderous and well-articulated voice that he is known for, Mr. Ngauja told the crowd: “And, Mr. Karamoh Kabba, our national Media and Communications Director may have something to say on behalf of the Washington DC chapter.”

And here come my controversial self, always begging to differ a bit, telling the audience; “whether the APC performs or not, the PMDC is ever-ready to challenge them in 2012 - the more the merrier - and our country needs vibrant opposition to move forward.”

You know what? No one has to agree with this lousy commentary - just stay focused and be positive and at least agree for once that Ms. Bona deserves the praise and she is worthy of the title, “PMDC’s Lady of the Month” - she is definitely my lady - and she deserves our attention.

Photos:Susan and Karamoh(top) APC Speaker(middle) and PMDC members(bottom).