From the Editor’s Keyboard

Please say NO to violent "redeemers"

20 June 2016 at 01:15 | 2124 views

By Tony Bee, PV Contributor, Sydney, Australia.

I always follow with with keen interest the daily events of my country, Sierra Leone, especially social and political happenings; I am also very much concerned about the safety and security of the precious lives of my fellow Sierra Leoneans in and out of the country but especially those living in the country.

The fact is, those living in the country are really living in a very pathetic situation, particularly because of the effects of eleven years of a brutal civil war and the recent Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) that have devastated and crippled the country’s economy.

The senseless brutal war and the recent Ebola outbreak had destroyed the fabric of the country’s socio-economic development completely. Therefore, it is really too disheartening and painful, now that President Ernst Koroma and his APC government are fighting tooth and nail to resuscitate the already battered economy, that some enemies of peace, progress and development are seemingly or deliberately still refusing to learn good lessons from such untold suffering in the country because of ethnocentrism, regional interests, political hatred and hunger for political power at the detriment of our poor nation.

While our brothers and sisters in the country continue to live in very pathetic conditions compared to where some of us currently find ourselves, some of the unpatriotic and anti-nationalistic brothers and sisters, sitting in their chairs and tables in the West, comfortably eating good food, sleeping in good places, drinking good, pure water with good medical facilities, are writing all sorts of inciting and violent pieces with threats of war at the expense of the poor people in the country.

They are always trying to use the youths as sacrificial rams and also like tools of stupidity in trying to satisfy their diabolic, satanic plans against the country. I am referring particularly to the violent and war-like politicians with some of their media handlers. They never see anything good in the country because their kith and kin are not in the seat of power.

Those hungry and thirsty for political power politicians with some of their chameleon-like media men and women both in and out of the country, have never had their children and close family members die or get seriously wounded in any political crisis or violence in the country.

The fact is, they normally send their children and immediate family members to Europe, America, Australia and Asia to attend good schools and good universities leaving the poor masses’ children in the country to give them alcohol and drugs with the aim of soliciting political support from them while at the same time destroying their futures.

Such wicked attitudes and unpatriotic behaviour of political power hunters in the country made me ask the question: Have the youths in Sierra Leone learned any good lessons from the recent death of their brother "youth man," Mohamed Karim in the country? If not, I think it is time for them to know themselves by now.

The fact is when their fellow youth died, some of the very politicians that he, the late Karim, was wasting his precious time and energy for, denied him, saying he was not a registered member of their party, the SLPP. Have you ever seen such ungratefulness in some Sierra Leonean politicians in the country, particularly within the One SLPP, Many Problems?

Now they are playing the blame game because none of them wants to take responsibility for the young man’s death. They are denying him like the way Peter denied Christ. It is a big lesson for YOU, the youths that are hanging around political power hunters in the country, particularly some of the ungrateful and wicked politicians.

STOP allowing them to misuse you. Learn to say NO to violence and war-like attitudes from politicians. Stop allowing them to destroy your futures because of the Le 20,000 or Le30, 000 they normally give you at the expense of you valuable lives and those of your parents.

It is time you find something good to do for your future. Things like tailoring, carpentry, fitter/mechanic, plumbing apprenticeships etc. Organize yourselves into useful groups and transform such good groups into organizations like street cleaning, office cleaning organizations, artists’ organizations, painting organizations and so on.

Write good project proposals and seek funding from the different helpful institutions such as the Ministry of Development, Social Welfare Ministry, UNDP, UNICEF, Plan International, Save the Children, individual philanthropists etc.

Do not organize yourselves into idle criminal gangs and wicked cults and organizations that will lead you to prison or to your untimely death. Please, my brothers and sisters, find something beneficial to do for your future. Stop picking the crumbs of unpatriotic, unproductive and ungrateful politicians in the country. They are destroying your future, by giving you enough alcohol and drugs that they will never give to their own children for you to consume and go crazy.

I am concerned about your well-being like other responsible parents and patriotic Sierra Leoneans. I would really like to see you progress by transforming yourselves positively and living better lives in the country.

I urge you, please do not allow them to push you into political violence or political war-like attitudes. Think about the horrific and brutal civil war that took thousands of innocent people’s lives.

Some of the pioneers of such an unforgettable Dark History of the country, after they succeeded in setting the country ablaze, quickly escaped to Europe and America for their own safety. They left their poor and uneducated fellow Sierra Leoneans killing one another, especially the youths in the country. Now, they have started their games again in different forms, calling themselves flag bearers, redeemers and so on to come and fool you.

Please, do not allow them to lead you again into conflict with an untimely death at the end.