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Philanthropist and business guru passes on

14 January 2016 at 11:22 | 2889 views

By Our Correspondent

Sierra Leonean businessman and philanthropist Dr.Vincent Kanu (pictured) has passed away in London, United Kingdom. The news was announced Tuesday January 12 by the management of Wusum hotel in Makeni. Wusum hotel is one of the businesses owned by the late man.

Kanu has worked all his life in the oil industry over a period of forty years. He worked first for AGIP in Italy, the country where he went for advanced education after completing his high school education in Makeni his home town. He also worked for British Petroleum.

Dr. Kanu, who was a very resourceful man, later became Managing Director of the Sierra Leone National Petroleum Company after working for many years for foreign oil companies in Italy, Cote D’Ivoire and his native Sierra Leone.

He was a well known philanthropist who generously donated to national causes through out his life and was at the forefront of the recent anti-Ebola fight in his home district of Bombali, regularly and generously donating funds and equipment.

Partial view of Wusum hotel in Makeni.

The late Vincent Kanu was a very close friend of President Ernest Koroma with whom he grew up in Makeni, the capital of the northern region. Many people thought he would be appointed a Minister since president Koroma assumed power in 2007 but the late Kanu, according to reliable sources, always wanted to be nothing but a businessman.

Another view of the Wusum hotel in Makeni.

He was director of the popular Access bank and was a prominent member of the Sierra Leone Chamber of Commerce. He was the consul for Italy in Sierra Leone.