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PDP-Sorbeh to the Rescue

By  | 21 January 2014 at 23:16 | 1270 views

All is not well in the APC camp despite the seeming joyful smiles, hugging and back-slapping at party functions. There is growing disenchantment among some party supporters who think they are being used while the government itself is a showcase of ethnocentrism reminiscent of the Joseph Saidu Momoh days.

The charge of ethnocentrism is real and irrefutable and we have heard of a slow but sure revival of the dreaded PDP-Sorbeh, the political party led by the late Sanda Warrior, Thaimu Bangura, that would have have won the 1996 elections were it not for Dr. John Karefa-Smart’s also very popular party the UNPP.

The late Momoh was decried and lost support in the north and Western Area because he made the fatal political mistake of packing his government with members of his ethnic group who called themselves Ekutay. The same charge is currently being levied on President Koroma.

Of course there are denials, calls for nation above ethnicity, bla, bla, bla, yada, yada, yada, just like in the Momoh days.

Despite all that, the PDP-Sorbeh is being quietly revived and from what I hear it will raise a war cry by the end of this year to begin the challenge on the APC once again. That is if president Koroma maintains the status quo and refuses to perform political harakiri.

What a mess.