PDL supports the people of Zimbabwe

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26th March, 2008.

As Africans, victims of the obnoxious Western slave trade,
ruthless racist colonialism and terrible apartheid
system, we protest vehemently Western campaigns of
lies, disinformation and conspiracy theories designed
to destabilise Zimbabwe. The situation in Zimbabwe
today has reached a dangerous point. The reactionary
forces, backed by Western governments and the US are
mobilising all their forces to overthrow the legally
elected government of Hugo Chavez by foul means.

The corrupt media have put in circulation the lie that
our Comrade and authentic leader of Zimbabwe,
President Mugabe is planning to conduct a fraudulent election
in other to continue in power. There is absolutely no
truth in this. In reality what we are seeing is a
campaign of organised sabotage designed to destabilise
the country and prepare the way for a breach of peace
and public order.

The traitors to the conscience of Africa are running
pole to pole in their efforts to create a scenario to
put to action their conspiracy to destabilise Zimbabwe
with the support of Western institutions and their
puppets on the continent. This is already the seventh
time since last year that they have attempted to
destabilise Zimbabwe using the corrupt media, lies and
political deceit. It is similar to the anti-Somalia
plot that the CIA organised to overthrow the
Government of the Islamic Court Union and allow
Ethiopian terrorist forces to occupy the East African
nation. These machinations led today to a unending
and bloody war throughout Somalia. Now the same people
want to turn on the people of Zimbabwe, using local

This shameless and insolent bully tactics by Western
governments in Africa must stop. We, of the PDL
strongly condemn the NPP Government of President John
Agyekum Kufuor in Ghana for betraying the principles
of the African Union only to collaborate with Western
Governments to destabilise Zimbabwe.

It is unfortunate that Ghana, the birth place of Dr.
Kwame Nkrumah could be behind all efforts to
destabilise a sister African nation like Zimbabwe.

It is a well established fact that Ghana is used as a
transit centre for financial support to forces hostile
to Zimbabwe. Ghana is also the training base for
anti-Zimbabwe forces. This u-turn imperialist policy
of Ghana, under President Kufuor towards sister
African countries is a serious attack on African
dignity and personality, progress of Africa, and on
the democratic institutions. It is a savage act of
criminality against humanity, an act of those driven
by primitive ideas. They are the enemies of African
Unity and Progress. They are the ones who do not want
Africa to flourish. They are the ones who are working
to destroy the identity of Black people as free

Next weekend, on March 29, millions of Zimbabweans
will go to the polls to vote for their president,
legislators and local government officials. As this
important day comes closer, we, of the Sierra Leone
People’s Democratic League (PDL) reiterate our
long-standing fraternal solidarity with our
African brothers and sisters in Zimbabwe in their
efforts to rebuild their country after centuries of
colonial ruthlessness and apartheid brutality. The PDL
commitment to support the people of Zimbabwe goes as
far back as the era of the liberation struggle against
colonial oppression and black dehumanisation. In this
spirit, we reiterate our call for all countries of the
world, including Ghana, US and Western Governments to
respect the sovereignty and national independence of

We condemn the actions of the British Government and
other states to meddle in the internal affairs of
Zimbabwe and urge the African Union and friends of
Africa and black people everywhere on the globe to
mobilise and stop this monstrous aggression.
Brothers and sisters of Zimbabwe, you are not alone!
Come out on 29 March, 2008 and vote massively for
dignity, for Land Reforms and against imperialism.

Amadu Bailor Bah
PDL Secretary for Foreign Affairs and International

For and on behalf of PDL members and supporters.

Photo: PDL leader Alimamy Bakarr Sankoh.