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Sierra Leone People’s Democratic League
Public Statement.
6 JULY 2007.

Subject: Sierra Leone Threatened by US World

Our attention has been drawn to an evil plan by United
States imperialist agents in the region to invade and
annex oil rich southern towns and villages of Sierra
Leone. This vicious, subversive and anti-African plan,
we are reliably informed has the support of the
government of President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf in

(As far as) as we the Sierra Leone People’s Democratic
League (PDL) are concerned, this is not the first
attempt by the United States Administration to annex the
oil rich areas of Sierra Leone. It would be recalled
that, in 1981 under the late military dictator Samuel
Kanyon Doe, the Armed Forces of Liberia (AFL) invaded the
Sierra Leonean southern town of Sulima and its
surroundings in an attempt to annex the area. The
gallant Sierra Leonean Army (SLA) repelled the
invasion by inflicting devastating blows on the
intruders and their mentors.

The second attempt at annexing Sulima was in 1985
during the fake APC (All People’s Congress)
totalitarian transition program, which gave birth to
the corrupt, dictatorial and illegal government of
late President Joseph Saidu Momoh in November 1985.

During that period, General Thomas Quiwonkpa (former
Liberian General) fled the United States in the
company of US security agents and arrived in Freetown
to recruit mercenaries, with the sole intent to
invade neighbouring Liberia and overthrow the brutal
government of Master Sergeant Samuel Doe, and
install an imperialist government with its Commander
In Chief based in Washington. This plan failed in its
entirety, and General Quiwonkpa, along with two thousand
Sierra Leonean mercenaries were brutally (eliminated) by
Liberian security.

One needs not to ask again about the original plan
behind the Liberian civil war which started in 1989
and the mysterious escape from a US prison by Mr.
Charles Taylor to lead a rebellion in Liberia. One
thing is certain, former democratically elected
Liberian President Charles Taylor was sent to
accomplish the mission General Quiwonkpa started in 1985
but did not succeed. We do not want to re-echo the
role of President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf in executing
the US attempted anti-African agenda in Sierra Leone
as represented by the activities of General Quiwonkpa
and Mr. Charles Taylor in the region.

Information that the Bush administration has approved
the invasion of Sierra Leone and annexation of oil
rich territories of the country is not new. That the
US plan has the backing of the government of President
Sirleaf Johnson in Monrovia and the SLPP in Freetown
further exposed the US hegemony in the world. Because,
since the inception of the Bush Administration in
2001, the agenda is to complete all unfinished jobs
left behind by (Bush’s) father.

Top on the list of the unfinished agenda include the
destabilization of regimes in Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan,
Venezuela, Cuba, Burma, Syria, Liberia, The Sudan and
manipulation of African leaders to have a grip on the
continent’s natural resources.

The plan to invade Sierra Leone, according to our
reliable source began in 2003 with the creation of one
of the US secret prisons in the country and the brutal
invasion and annexation of the Eastern town of Yenga and
surrounding towns and villages. Since then, we have
witnessed arrests and incarceration of Muslim business
men in Sierra Leone, whom Washington claimed are
agents of the Hezbollah group in Lebanon. We also
witness the merciless looting of Sierra Leone’s
resources by Western multi- national companies, causing
the country to lose over 7 billion United States
dollars yearly.

In spite of complaints to the international community
about the day-in-and-day-out deteriorating political
and security situation in Sierra Leone, no voice, not
even the United Nations, Amnesty International, Human
Rights Watch, European Union or the Commonwealth is
showing concern about the plight of the Sierra Leonean
people. On the contrary, we are seeing Western support
for the corrupt, despotic, illegal and rogue
government of the dictator Tejan Kabbah in Freetown.

The international community is aware of the fact that
there is currently no legal government in Sierra
Leone, and that the so-called elections for August are
not only a bogus program, it is also a mockery of
constitutional order, democracy and rule of law. We
reiterate our position that, any government foisted
out of the current illegal and subversive arrangement
would be unacceptable.

By this statement, we wish to protest strongly against
the US vicious agenda to invade and annex parts of
Sierra Leone. Our intelligence sources show that the
recent one thousand Nigerian dogs of war that were
secretly airlifted to Freetown are part of the US
agenda. Like the Guinean forces of aggression
occupying the eastern territories of Sierra Leone, the
Nigerian dogs of war currently stationed outside the
capital, Freetown are catered for by the Bush
Administration in Washington. These do not include
those in Liberia waiting for orders to march into
Sierra Leone with lethal weapons supplied by the US.

The SLPP cannot claim not having knowledge about this
development. What the SLPP is concerned with is to
entrench its oppressive enclave; issues like security
and protection of Sierra Leonean life and property are
not their agenda as long as Washington supports the
illegal and bogus election program to impose a ...
government on our people. It is no more a secret to
say that, through the Washington based National
Democratic Institute (NDI), the Bush Administration is
giving backing to the imposition of Mr. Solomon Berewa
to succeed the dictator Tejan Kabbah.

We know the track records of the NDI in Latin America,
for example. It is the same NDI that was (spending)
money to destabilize the governments of President
Hugo Chavez in Venezuela, President Fidel Castro of
Cuba and training terrorist forces against Iraq, Iran,
Syria, etc. Unfortunately, countries like Liberia,
Nigeria, and Guinea that are supposed to act in the
spirit of African solidarity have joined Washington’s
vicious plan against fellow Africans Sierra Leone.

We want to warn President Ellen Johnson of Liberia to
rescind her agreement to allow her country and
nationals to be used by the US against the people of
Sierra Leone. We warn Guinea and Nigeria also to
withdraw their unwanted and un-mandated troops out of
our country, because their stay in Sierra Leone is not
only an act of aggression against the sovereignty and
territorial integrity of our country, it is also
criminal and dangerous threat to peace, security and
stability in the entire region.

What we want Nigeria, Guinea and Liberia to understand
is that the people of Sierra Leone have no hatred
towards anybody. On the contrary, the Sierra Leonean
people have continued to extend hospitality to all
regardless of colour or nationality. Like any other
Africans on the continent and the diaspora, Sierra
Leoneans are victims of US imperialism.

We want to make it crystal clear that any proxy
invasion of Sierra Leone be it from Liberia, Guinea or
Nigeria, or elsewhere would be resisted by Sierra
Leoneans. We see the Ethiopian led proxy genocide on
Somalia for US military domination and the confused
state of affairs in the oil-rich Sudan Darfur region
for control of the resources. Sierra Leone will not be
allowed to be the Somalia or Sudan of West Africa.
Every Sierra Leonean is prepared to defend the
homeland against any criminal war or aggression.

We reiterate our call for the immediate and
unconditional withdrawal of all foreign forces and
military establishments in all parts of Sierra Leone.
We also call for closure of US secret prisons in the
country and anti-Sierra Leone US staging posts in

Bockarie Kai Kai.

PDL Secretary for Information and Mass Mobilisation.

For, and on behalf of PDL National Executive Committee