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PDL Blasts UN in Sierra Leone

2 November 2006 at 00:15 | 575 views

The Sierra Leone People’s Democratic League (PDL) is a Sierra Leonean political party that has not yet been registered; but it is known for its feisty and controversial press statements. Headed by the highly controversial Alimamy Bakarr Sankoh, the party presents a pan-africanist and anti-zionist stance on most issues as the press release below illustrates:

Sierra Leone People’s Democratic League


Public Release Statement. 1st. November 2006


United Nations must keep off Sierra Leone’s internal politics!

The Sierra Leone People’s Democratic League (PDL) strongly opposes the continuation of United Nations political machinations in Sierra Leone and calls on the world body to respect the rights of Sierra Leoneans to choose their own leaders through peaceful, transparent and democratic means. Much as the PDL commends the United Nations’ complementary role to end the civil war, so also the Party does not accept the world body’s political machinations, which are driven by an imperialist, neo-colonialist and Zionist agenda in the country.

Our concern of late is the United Nations sponsored so-called political parties meeting ostensibly to formulate a decent formula for holding peaceful elections in 2007. The meeting was attended by government agents and sponsored political parties, and rogue politicians that have wrecked Sierra Leone to its current abysmal state.

The aftermath of the confused and crisis torn meeting was a threat issued by Secretary General Daniel Konoyima of the so-called Political Parties Registration Commission for all parties intended to contest the 2007 elections to sign what he referred to as the “Draft Code of Conduct”. This by implication further exposed the United Nations ill-conceived activities and meddling in Sierra Leone’s internal politics.

Moreover, the world body is doing everything to foist a proxy policy designed to entrench the Tejan Kabbah despotism, and the continued merciless looting of the Sierra Leonean resources to line the pockets of individual domestic rogues and foreign criminal adventurers in Africa. Some of those promoting such policies hope to continue their grip on the country’s economy, while others intended to divert attention from issues that are threatening the peace, security, stability and prosperity of Sierra Leone and its neighbours.

Issues such as the continued aggression and occupation of Sierra Leone’s rich Northern-Eastern territories, towns and villages by neighbouring Guinean forces of terror; the government’s direct participation in the current US led holocaust war in Iraq; the government’s support for the continuation and intensification of the criminal acts committed by Israeli armed forces in Palestine, Lebanon and Syria; the unstopped and illegal activities of armed foreign mercenaries in the mining areas of Sierra Leone; the continued harassments and intimidation of Muslim business men by US forces in the East of the country; the fraudulent composition of the current National Election Commission, which is made subservient to the tastes and designs of the evil dictator in Freetown; and more including attempt by the United Nations to make Sierra Leone a trust territory; the expression of British Prime Minister Tony Blair’s political miasma at all levels of government; and attempt by the Tejan Kabbah’s despotism to introduce rude tribalism and divisions among the Sierra Leone people.

The United Nations is downplaying these issues and instead, its presence in the country is nothing but to “ supervise” the day-in-and-day-out terror unleashed on our people by neighbouring Guinean forces of aggression and occupation. How can the 2007 elections be peaceful, transparent and democratic when foreign forces occupy the country?

The United Nations operations in the country of late are also designeed to distract public attention from the Sierra Leone People’s Democratic League (PDL) calls for a Transitional Government of Inclusion (TGI) to replace the Tejan Kabbah despotism after the end of term of the current government in Freetown. It is an attempt to frustrate PDL calls for closure of the Israeli embassy in Freetown and the withdrawal of all Sierra Leonean mercenaries in Iraq.

The Sierra Leone People’s Democratic League rejects the dictator Tejan Kabbah’s election timetable of July 2007 instead of the legally constituted date of April 2007, as a farce, unconstitutional, criminal and unacceptable in the interest of peace, security and democracy.

Among other things, the activities of the world body in Sierra Leone are a serious affront to the goals of Pan Africanism as they ferment unnecessary tensions between the Sierra Leonean people and their neighbours in Liberia. All of these are a dangerous precedents, and a time bomb waiting to explode. We urge the Kofi Annan led world body to refrain from all acts, which threaten peace and stability in Africa, and to respect the dignity and integrity of black people everywhere.

The overwhelming majority of the Sierra Leonean people reject the existing alliance between the United Nations and the corrupt and sinking regime in Freetown and favour a Transitional Government of Inclusion (TGI) as the only vehicle to ensure peaceful, transparent and democratic elections in 2007, which under the current dispensation and arrangements are impossible to achieve.

With the above, we challenge the United Nations to learn from lessons and behave more like a worthy Organisation than an instrument of oppression and dehumanization of races, particularly Africans and Arabs. An elected government of Sierra Leone, by Sierra Leoneans led by the PDL will fight for democratic reforms in the United Nations. At present, the lack of democracy, justice and pragmatism in the world body threatens peace, security and stability everywhere. Charity must first begin at home before forcing it on member-states.

Our government will extend solidarity to the people of Venezuela who love peace, freedom and progress, and who reject US imperialism and other foreign hegemony as agents of indignities and degradation. We will seek a lasting solution to the conflict in the Middle East by prevailing on Israel to end its war games and negotiate peace.

In our view, Israel should respond to Syrian President Assad’s olive branch and who on several recent occasions reiterated his willingness to reach peace on the basis of the June 1967 borders. We call on Israel to respect the sovereignty of Syria and international opinion, which call for the immediate and unconditional withdrawal of Israeli forces from the Golan Height.

The withdrawal from all parts of Lebanon must be completed forthwith, and all further provocations, aimed at re-igniting the fire, must be strictly avoided. Above all, the murderous operations against the Arab Palestinian people must end, talks started with its democratically elected leadership, and peace reached on the basis of withdrawal to the June 1967 borders, the creation of an independent sovereign Palestinian state in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, including East Jerusalem, and the solution of the refugee problem in accordance with the relevant international conventions and protocols.

Against this background, we call for intensification of the international campaign against policies of war, occupation, oppression, discrimination and racism.

As a Pan African organ and affiliate member of the Green Charter International (GCI) for peace, democracy, freedom, justice and dignity, the PDL seeks to promote the goals set out by the African Union (AU) and the African Unification Front (AUF); defend the rights and democratic freedoms of black people everywhere on the planet, and promote African-Arab solidarity.

The PDL warns that any attempt by United Nations to rob Sierra Leoneans of their rights to choose their leaders through peaceful, transparent and democratic channel would be resisted in all corners of Sierra Leone.

God save United Nations!

Down with the Tejan Kabbah despotism!

Bockarie Kai Kai

Acting PDL Secretary for Information and Mass Mobilisation.

Photo: UN Scribe Kofi Annan.