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Opposition press release opens Pandora’s Box

8 January 2019 at 22:38 | 2100 views

By: Emperor Bailor Jalloh, PV Freetown Bureau Chief

The rule of law and politics in Sierra Leone is something to think about regarding conduct and activities of registered political parties particularly lead opposition political parties. A recent past scenario is a press release issued by the lead opposition All People’s Congress ( APC) Secretary General Alhaji Osman Foday Yansaneh dated December 28, 2018 which state security and the public interpreted as ’incitement’ to breach national peace and cohesion.

According to section 35 subsection 1 of Sierra Leone Constitution, Act No 6,1991, registration and conduct of political parties- subject to the provisions of this section, political parties may be established to participate in shaping the political will of the people, to disseminate information on political ideas, and social and economic programmes of a national character, and to sponsor candidates for Presidential, Parliamentary or Local Government elections. Subsection 2 states that the internal organization of a political party shall conform to democratic principles, and its aims, objectives, purposes and programmes shall not contravene, or be inconsistent with,any provisions of this constitution.

The most national attractive opposition APC release release which vowed not to cooperate with the state proposed ccommmissions of inquiry into the government systems of recent past APC led government under Ernest Bai Koroma has opened a pandoras box by facing the wrath of government, state security, inter- religious council of Sierra Leone and other peace loving Sierra Leoneans.

he Criminal Investigations Department ( CID) of the Sierra Leone Police has formerly invited former president Ernest Bai Koroma, the Secretary General and other executive members to answer questions related to the APC press release. Ernest Bai Koroma is the current chairman and leader of APC.

APC stiff concern about the state proposed commissions of inquiry within and outside parliament has been the ’rules of evidence ’ for what they considered ’ free and fair ’ hearing of the commissions of inquiry.

Sierra Leone Constitution, 1991 section 150 states the rules regulating commissions of inquiry while section 148 states the powers, rights and privileges of commissions of inquiry such as enforcing the attendance of witnesses and examing them on oath, affirmation or otherwise ; and compelling the production of documents.
In conclusion, it’s the law that supreme, not man. Therefore, freedom of expression and responsibility should be paramount in all spheres and quarters of Sierra Leone.