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Ontario APC-Canada Women’s Wing meeting

7 February 2017 at 08:20 | 1980 views

Comrades of the APC Canada Branch, Supporters, Friends and Well-wishers,

On the 4th of February, 2017 the Honorable Chairman and Leader of the APC Canada Branch, Comrade Sean Samura met with Executive Members of the APC Canada Branch Women’s Wing in the Ontario region (see photos).

The primary purpose of that meeting was to update members about plans for the forthcoming launching and inauguration of the APC-Canada Women’s Wing on the 25th of March, 2017 in Edmonton, Alberta.

Also, this meeting was called to discuss forthcoming events of the APC- Canada Branch Women’s Wing that will be organized in Ontario, Canada.

The Honorable Chairman stressed on the importance of Ontario Women in the business of the Women’s Wing in Canada and thanked them for their support to the upcoming launching and inauguration programme.

He extended special thanks and appreciation also to the Acting Women’s Leader, Coordinators, Executive Members and Committee Members of the APC Canada Branch Women’s Wings for their support to the APC Party.

In addition he called on women across Canada to work together and build a vibrant women’s wing so that they can articulate their concerns in a positive way for the development of the Branch and for the benefit of the APC Party.

The Honorable Chairman also noted that the APC is a grassroots party that respects women and assured participants that he will always ensure that women are given a front row in the affairs of the APC Canada Branch.

Many issues were discussed including fundraising and summer events. Some of these events have been published in Branch Calendar for 2017.

A big thank you to those who in diverse ways made a big sacrifice to participate in this meeting.

On behalf of the Honorable Chairman, Vice Chairmen and the Leadership of the APC Canada Branch I wish to recognize the support of Co-opted Executive, Comrade Alex Kabia, the Director of International Affairs, Madam Marie Turay, the Vice President of APC Ontario, Comrade Abdulai British Sesay; the Women’s Wing Regional Coordinator of Ontario Region, Madam Mariatu K Bangura, the Treasurer, Madam Agnes Kabia, the Social Secretary, Madam Isatu Dumbuya and the Assistant Social Secretary, Madam Mabinty Bangura.

A special thank you to Committee Members of the Women’s Wing including Madam Mabel Conteh, Madam Memuna Kalokoh, Madam Mildred Samai, Madam Isatu Kamara and Madam Naisha Bangura.

We recognize also the sacrifice of Comrade Sheriff Sesay and his spouse, Madam Janet Sesay, who is an Adviser of the APC Canada Branch.

Also, we are grateful for having Comrade Umaru King (Couchi Ajabal) and Comrade John System as part of our meeting.

We appreciate all of you who called in during the deliberations as a show of your support to the work of the APC Canada Branch Women’s Wing. Together we have set high the banners of our great party. "A resilient people" - Koroma 2013.

Je vous remercie pour votre soutien et votre devoument.


Ibrahim Badamasi Kamara, Secretary General, APC Canada Branch.