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Only fools don’t change

3 November 2015 at 07:41 | 1747 views

By Tony Bee, Guest Writer, Sydney, Australia.

Only fools cannot change for good or better. However, certain things in the universe cannot change because of their nature, especially the way and manner in which God made them.

Day and night do not change; the sun rises from the East and sets in the West.That cannot change. There is no technology or scientist yet to change day to night or stop the rising of the sun from the East. But they, the scientists, can change man’s attitude and behaviour in many diverse ways. Sometimes through a medical healing process or through surgery and God Almighty can also change man’s evil ways within the twinkling of an eye like how he changed Paul on the road to Damascus, according to the Holy Book, the Bible. Therefore, wise men like Paul and women can change for good or better.

In view of the above, any human being born of a woman, is prone to changes. Therefore, he or she can change at any point in time, particularly the wise human beings as I said earlier.

They can easily change their bad attitudes and behaviour for the better. Sometimes it could be because of certain factors. It could be through natural, man-made or physical factors. Such factors can change man’s inhuman nature whether directly or indirectly.

In view of that, every human being has two main parts that do regulate such behavioural change. They are the right part and left part of a man. The right represents good attitude and good behaviour (God), while the left part is normally associated with bad attitude and bad behaviour ( the devil or Satan). But all of them live within the same body called the human being.

If the two parts of the body live together to form one single human being, then the enemies of human beings are within their bodies. That is the good and bad behaviour of a human being are within him or herself.

In view of that, the enemies of Sierra Leone’s main opposition party, the SLPP, are within the SLPP itself since different human beings in and out of the country constitute the SLPP as a single political party.

Therefore, if the good and bad SLPP members are within the party and man is also prone to change, especially for the better or goodness , particularly the wise human being, why should Maada Bio, a former SLPP presidential candidate, NOT CHANGE his alleged bad attitude and behaviour, especially from violence, tribalism and regional negativism to a serene and peaceful state for the country’s peace, unity, progress and development?

If Maada Bio, who has been allegedly associated with all sorts of evil activities, particularly political violence, tribalism and regionalism in the country decides to wipe his slate clean, become a "Born Again" politician for the sake of stability and peace in the country, what’s really wrong with that?

Why are some of the unpatriotic power-hungry and blood thirsty politicians’ particularly SLPP unpatriotic politicians who are inciters and promoters of violence and war-mongering in the country castigating Maada Bio for saying red is red and green is green in these modern politics of ours?

If President Koroma and his APC government are tremendously doing well in the country why should Maada not praise President Koroma, especially for his developmental programs in the country?

Do they (SLPP unpatriotic war-mongers) always expect Maada Bio to throw palm oil at President Koroma’s white suit or white gown, when it’s not necessary?

If Maada decides to listen to good advice that will make him improve on his 37% during the 2018 general elections if he is to be successful in clinching the flagbearership of his SLPP, what’s wrong with that?

In one of my recent writings, I told the SLPP that they only have to do two things for them to regain governance in the country, namely, putting God First and the Nation’s interest second rather than political party loyalty, tribalism and regionalism first.

If Maada Bio starts to do something similar to what I said by moving from one district or region to another in the country in the name of "Ebola social mobilization", by supporting government’s good work what’s the problem with that, for God’s sake?

If I am not mistaken some places in the North where Maada Bio had never been before during his political adventures, especially Kambia,he went there with peace and harmony sympathising and thanking the people; is that not a blessing in disguise for SLPP’s campaigning strategy that will enable them gain more support from the North? Sometimes too much "Bad Heart" and hatred will make human beings become foolish, blind and stupid.

All the above is the work of those who sleep with negativism and never see anything good in the country because their kith and kin are not in power, especially those who are always thinking that "Mende Line" is Sierra Leone and Bo is Freetown naively casting blame on the young man for his current patriotic positive thinking about the country’s peace, love, unity, progress and development.

"APC don buy Maada Bio", "President Koroma don buy Maada Bio" they would say without any proof, foolishly and uselessly saying such words that will drag them to court for proof.

In their unpatriotic satanic thinking they expected Maada Bio to have misbehaved to President Koroma when he went to visit him at State House. No sober-minded person on earth will think so naively that when a brother, sister, relative or friend pays someone a visit in his or her home or house, that individual should misbehave to the host.

You, dear reader, will you allow a stranger or visitor to misbehave in your house? In my view, I think some of these SLPP guys and dolls’ five senses are not properly working. They think Maada Bio is a fool. He is not. He is now playing mature modern politics which is dialogue, not violence, war or bullets. They tried that (violence) before in the 2012 general elections but it did not work because it’s not the answer to the country’s multi-faceted chronic problems.

Do the satanic unpatriotic political power hungry and blood thirsty SLPP politicians both in and out of the country expect Maada Bio to still carry on his head his alleged violence, war, tribalism and regionalism at the expense of the poor, powerless and defenceless masses to satisfy the SLPP bigots and their unpatriotic wicked thoughts at his own expense?

While the ICC radar is always focusing on the political system in the country because of the money that the international community is pouring into the country to rebuild the economy, they will NOT sit by and allow enemies of peace, love, unity, progress and development to destabilize the country again because of selfish and greedy negative political ambition.

If God had changed Maada Bio from his alleged Sodom and Gommorrah divide and rule attitude and behaviour that would have led the country into another unrest situation, what is the problem again? Sierra Leoneans have tasted the bitterness of war, military brutal rule, Ebola disease and floods in the country. If God decides to change the bad Sierra Leoneans’ evil ways that are affecting the country what is the issue again, my people?

Peace, love, unity, progress and development oriented Sierra Leoneans are always on their knees and foreheads praying to God day, in day out for his continued divine intervention for peaceful coexistence in the country and if he, GOD, is listening and answering the call of the patriotic and nationalistic Sierra Leoneans in diverse ways what’s wrong about that?

However, before I conclude, I must say a big bravo and thank you to the current SLPP candidate, Alhaji Mustapha Kamara for constituency 107 bye-election in Freetown for his patriotic words, particularly for denouncing violence very strongly.

That’s an indication that the political landscape of the country is really changing, from violence, incitement and war to genuine ballots, NOT BULLETS, because of the good leadership skills of President Ernest Bai Koroma which include love, kindness, tolerance, patience, accommodation etc.

Our President does not believe in the philosophy of "do me, ar do you" or tit for tat, or an eye for an eye.