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One year anniversary of APC-Canada Branch: Message from the Chairman

7 August 2017 at 19:57 | 996 views

Compatriots of the APC Canada Branch,

Today, August 7, 2017 marks the one year anniversary of the All Peoples Congress (APC) Canada Branch Executive.

After many years of fruitful endeavours we were declared as an independent Branch on the 10th of May 2017 by the National Secretary General of the APC with the support of the current Minister of Information, Honorable Mohamed Bangura. As Chairman of this organization, I wish to congratulate the Executive of the Branch, Stakeholders, Chapters Leadership and the general APC membership in Canada for their commitment and support to our Branch throughout this period. Due to your sacrifice and dedication we have remained strong and forthright in furtherance of our core objective which is service to our party, the APC. Canada has become one of the pivots for diaspora organizing.

As we observe this day, we remain thankful to His Excellency the President, Dr Ernest Bai Koroma who is Chairman and Leader of our great party, since it was during his administration that Canada became a member of the diaspora community of our party. Moreover, through his statesmanship we are proud to belong to a party with a proven record of transforming our country. In light of this we also extend our profound appreciation to the Deputy Chairman and Leader, Hon Alhaji Minkailu Mansaray, and the National Secretary General, Hon Ambassador Dr Osman Yansaneh for their confidence in the APC Canada Branch.

Comrades of the APC Canada Branch,

Last year, August, 2016 we demonstrated greater solidarity in welcoming the party leadership in Toronto, Canada. After many deliberations and consensus building, we returned an inclusive executive which reflects the four founding Chapters of the APC Canada Branch namely, Ontario, Alberta, Manitoba and Quebec.

Upon my election as Chairman, I assured the Toronto gathering that my Chairmanship shall be predicated on consultation and tolerance. During our first Executive meeting in Toronto I also assured the Executive and membership that we will build a Branch with strong financial and moral standing. Acting on those promises I am happy to announce that the fundamentals of the APC Canada Branch have become stronger.

In the coming weeks, I will summon an APC Canada Branch Consultative Conference in Toronto, to reevaluate progress which we have made, to discuss our future as a Branch, and to officially declare the inclusion of new and additional chapters in Calgary, British Columbia, Ottawa and New Brunswick into the APC Canada Branch. With this expansion and emerging changes taking place in the Branch, we hope to revise the bylaws of our Branch so that they can fit into our new context. Our deliberation in this conference will form the basis of our future engagement in Canada. I have authorized the Vice Chairman I, Comrade Abdoul Kareem Kamara and Vice Chairman II, Comrade Mohamed Taqi to lead us to this conference.

Today, we have established an effective APC Canada Branch Women’s Wing under the leadership of the APC Canada Branch Women’s Leader, Madam Aminata Kanu. In November, 2017, we are launching the APC Canada Branch Youth Wing in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Through our collective sacrifices we have revived Chapters in Manitoba and Alberta. In Ontario, we were able to spearhead the formation of a new executive. Concerns of members in these chapters were amicably resolved and new executives were elected through consensus. As a result of our collective effort we have made the APC Canada Branch an example in the diaspora.

Our relationship with other diaspora branches of the party will continue to grow and we are committed in building upon the existing fraternal relationships. That is why our participation in diaspora activities across various branches in the diaspora shall remain a priority of our branch. A united diaspora brings greater advantages to our party, the APC. Also, a united diaspora will serve as an omnibus through which our party, the APC becomes confident in delivering victory in the polls.

As our anniversary celebration continues, we welcome our friends to Canada for the Inauguration of the APC Canada Branch Executive on the 30th of September, 2017 in Toronto, Ontario Canada. After my consultation with the APC National Secretary General in London on the July, 2017 we are encouraged to proceed with such historic calendar. We are delighted to honour the visitation of our party leadership and guests of honour from many destinations.


In conclusion, as we move forward, I wish to make a special appeal to every member and constituents of the APC Canada to remain tolerant and pursue the path of peace. We must create room for criticism in our organization. Our approach should be to serve progressively with a patriotic mind, an attribute demonstrated by His Excellency, the President of the Republic of Sierra Leone, President Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma.

Thank you for your support and may the Almighty God (Allah) richly bless you in your daily endeavours. Merci beaucoup

Chairman Sean Samura, APC Canada Branch.

Chairman Sean Samura, APC-Canada Branch (left) with President Ernest Koroma of Sierra Leone at State House in Freetown in May this year. Other members of the APC-Canada delegation including comrade Prince Thorpe (first from right) and comrade Adikalie Turay (Chairman of the APC-Canada Advisory Committee, second from left with tie) could also be seen in the background.