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On John Benjamin of the SLPP and Kamarainba of the ADP

2 July 2016 at 23:32 | 2194 views


By Tony Bee, Sydney, Australia.

Sometimes even when one does not want to say anything in connection with certain issues, especially social and political issues in the country because of personal and family commitments, one still has to do that because of love for my country, Sierra Leone. Concerned about my country’s peace, security, progress and development, I have to step in sometimes. I have to come in to make my presence felt, because certain people in the country always think and feel that there is nobody like them.

They will therefore say and do anything they like and usually go scot-free. Even at the expense of the poor, powerless and defenceless masses, they just don’t care because they are bent on pursuing their wicked, unpatriotic, clandestine devil- incarnate, diabolic and satanic plans that will destroy the hard-earned golden peace that God has given us to satisfy their caustic destructive political ambitions.

These hungry, thirsty for political power hunters still think that Sierra Leoneans of yesterday are still the same as Sierra Leoneans of today. In yesteryears many Sierra Leoneans’ eyes were blind. Therefore, every self-seeking politician in those days would easily brainwash our people, especially the poor and needy ones to satisfy their unpatriotic political ambitions.

They used to brainwash them by using ethnocentrism, regionalism and political hate messages as their political weapons because they do not believe in working for the people. They only believe in promoting violence, war and blatant propaganda, including fake emails that were always deceiving the people.

Such wicked and anti-nationalistic politicians deliberately refused to understand that currently every town and village in the country urgently needs massive development. But these unpatriotic politicians still believe in the use of ethnocentrism, regionalism, hate-mongering and the promotion of violence and war as their political tools to win elections.

They are deliberately refusing to acknowledge that those tools will not save them from the dark wilderness they find themselves currently. The fact is, they are forgetting that the days of fake politics, including political violence promotion and propaganda are gone with Foday Sankoh and his Libyan Green Book lieutenants.

As for those who are still alive and are presently parading the country as flag bearers, we are waiting for them to tell them who they are in the country when the time comes. They think that Sierra Leoneans are still stupid like some of them, especially those that are always thinking that the country belongs to them and therefore without them there will be no peace, progress and development.

The people of Sierra Leone today need development in their districts and chiefdoms, not propaganda or tribal or regional politics. They are no longer interested in such devil-incarnate divisive and unproductive politics.

This makes me ask the question: Will SLPP-Benjamin and ADP-Kamarainba tell the people of Sierra Leone and the world the number of development projects and programs that they have taken to the people of Kailahun to improve their lives? How many good development programs did each of them take to the district that will make the people of Kailahun not praise the current massive development that is taking place in the Kailahun district through the patriotic and nationalistic leadership of the man sent by God, President Ernest Bai Koroma and his APC government?

Let SLPP-John Benjamin tell the nation what he personally as an individual, did for the people of Kailahun since he was a member of the criminal gangster group, the NPRC, as Secretary and in the SLPP as Finance Minister. What has he done in his own district (Kailahun) to improve the lives of his people? He should tell the nation.

He was in the forefront of the ethnic and regionally selective killer group, NPRC and the ethnocentric, regionalistic and ungrateful promoters and unproductive "Nambara" One SLPP, Many Problems Kingdom.

Please let him tell the people of Sierra Leone what are some of the great development projects he took to Kailahun, especially when he was serving as a senior man in the two groups, NPRC and SLPP that will make Hon. Mohamed S. Kailondo Banya IV not praise president Koroma and his APC’s selfless hard working government. ? And why should Paramount Chief Banya not express his view positively and ask for more developmental projects for his people?

One being a Paramount Chief does not mean if he or she sees the reality of the truth he should not say it because he or she is a Paramount Chief. We should learn to appreciate the good work of others. Therefore, we should always put aside politicking or partisanship in national burning issues. We should not always live in a web of negativity in and out of the country.

In view of that even the recent good and patriotic hard work done by the All Political Parties Association (APPA) should not go unnoticed, for going all over the country secretly to verify the unpatriotic and anti-nationalistic false accusations of some enemies of progress and development against the census results in the country, especially the SLPP who castigated the census results because they did not see anything that is in their interest or favour in the country. Let us learn to give praise where praise is due as true and honest Sierra Leoneans so that others will do more.

In view of that, let SLPP-NPRC John Benjamin don’t feel and think that the people of Sierra Leone are still sleeping in their wings, especially our people in Kailahun. Kailahun was one of the most deplorable districts in the country for ages. It has been in the darkness for the past years without good roads, no good drinking water, no good medical facilities, such as hospitals and no electricity.

The people of Kailahun are only able to see electricity today while drinking good pure water, riding and walking on good roads, particularly in transacting their daily businesses through the nationalistic leadership of President Ernest Bai Koroma and his APC government.

With such ongoing massive development in the district, will SLPP John Benjamin honestly tell the nation why PC Kailondo Banya IV should not praise the good work of President Koroma and ask his people to support the electronic developmental train of President Koroma 4, 4,4, APC government?

Will he, SLPP-Benjamin expect PC Banya and his people to be ungrateful to President Koroma and his APC’s patriotic development-oriented government, like how they are ungrateful to one another in their One SLPP, Many Troubles?

Definitely NO. PC Banya and his people have to be grateful to President Koroma and his APC government for the wonderful ongoing development projects in their district as honest, loving, development-oriented and patriotic Sierra Leoneans, especially for his people.

Please Mr SLPP-Benjamin and ADP-Kamarainba, allow the people of Kailahun to exercise their God-given rights and freedom of expression positively. Allow them to express their positive views and opinions, especially for the development of their district and chiefdoms. Please do not try to clandestinely deprive or stop them from speaking their minds in a very positive way for the benefit of their district.

Opposition does not mean that individual or groups should always find themselves in a constantly negative political web in the country. If so, it will be a deadly and irrational opposition because the people are no longer living in the Dark Ages, especially Sierra Leoneans who are no longer fools. They are current paying any politician according to his or her work, not by ethnicity or regional affiliation or connections.

As for ADP Kamarainba, he is a young novice apprentice politician. Therefore, he has a lot more to learn about the country’s politics. In view of that, if he wants his quick down fall, let him link up with the SLPP’s negative Pull Him Down syndrome (PhD) propaganda train against the country. If he does, they will either use him directly or indirectly at his own detriment.

If he thinks I am a story teller, let him ask Ambassador Alie Bangura, with his SLPP-ECOMOG bush Radio, Sulaiman Banja-Tejansie with his constant petitions, late Chief Hinga-Norman, late Foday Sankoh and others about the ungratefulness of the SLPP.