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Official video release of Africa is rich but poor

19 July 2021 at 20:08 | 597 views

By Sinneh T. Moijueh, Freetown, Sierra Leone

Sinneh is on a resolve to set Africa on the path to her redemption after he founded a Non-Governmental Organization, ‘The Perfect Guide for Mankind’ (PGM) with a clear vision, to ensure every African succeeds without corruption and injustice and make Africa the best place on the planet. The PGM is not focused on the symptoms of the African problem but the root cause, which is the mindset. All of its interventions are therefore mindset-based.

The PGM first did a transformational Talk Show project on How to succeed without corruption and injustice; it later went on to do a life-changing documentary/movie talk show titled The Office, which included convincing scenes demonstrating how personal development is the only path to genuine and sustainable wealth. This time, Sinneh went for a third innovative approach (also marking his debut in the world of poetry) by nesting mind-changing words into beautiful lines of poetry to compel and evoke a mindset-change response in Africans at the same time of enjoying all the delight that a Spoken Word Poetry can bring.

Africa is rich but poor highlights Africa’s key problems and Why we Africans are the causative agents of our misfortunes and the ultimate solution to resolve it. He concluded that Africa transforming is entirely our choice to make and you’ll find out Why in the poem.

Sinneh’s desire is to spend the rest of his life working on his calling to improve the world he met around him. In a talk about why he’s so passionate about bringing social change he said: “I believe everyone has a calling but unfortunately we don’t pick our calling/passion, it picks us and when it does you don’t control anything thereafter - it dictates what you should do. I really don’t have a choice over my passion to help foster social change. It has captured me and there’s nothing I can do about it.”

Watch out for what is set to be an incredible video that’s set to storm the entire continent to start thinking about coming together to make Africa great by making just that one choice - the choice to shift our minds to only ways that don’t hinder continental progress. Watch out for its official release on 22nd July 2021.