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NOSLINA statement on 2018 elections in Sierra Leone

2 March 2018 at 03:37 | 2347 views

The National Organization of Sierra Leoneans in North
America (NOSLINA) is a nonpolitical, nonpartisan body
committed to promoting democratic principles and to
ensuring the protection of basic human rights in an up and-coming
Sierra Leone that is striving to implement the principles of good governance.

Consistent with such values, NOSLINA exhorts the National Elections
Commission (NEC) to conduct Elections that are orderly
and violence-free.

Accordingly, as the world watches Sierra Leoneans
exercise their voting rights at the polls on March 7,
2018, NOSLINA urges them to be vigilant and
thoughtful, in order to elect the best candidates for
their country.

May the results represent the will of the people in a
process that is fair and free.

Forward to a brighter Sierra Leone!

Issued by the NOSLINA Board of Directors
Washington, DC
March 1, 2018