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"Norman Rumour is False"-----Alfred SamForay

23 December 2005 at 04:13 | 48387 views

A member of the Committee to Elect Hinga Norman, Rev. Alfred SamForay has vehemently denied that the incarcerated Kamajor leader Samuel Hinga Norman has joined lawyer Charles Margai’s yet to be registered PMDC. We publish below the press release to the effect:

The Committee to Elect Hinga Norman wishes to inform the public that there is absolutely no truth to comments, rumors or suggestions presently circulating in some media outlets that Chief Samuel Hinga Norman has joined or intends to join the PMDC. The Committee regards as irresponsible any such reports whether intentional or otherwise to implicate Mr. Norman in the political activities of the PMDC.

The statement attributed to the Publicity Secretary of the SLPP, Mr. Victor Reider, without consulting Mr. Norman or the Committee to Elect Norman is equally reckless and ill-advised. Chief Norman is and remains an active member in good standing of the SLPP and no other political party. Chief Norman, however, retains his full rights of freedom of association without the blessing of the SLPP leadership.

In addition, Mr. Norman will issue a formal statement to this effect following the Christmas festivities when public attention is more conducive to such a discussion. Meanwhile, any attempt by any one inside or outside Sierra Leone to subvert the good name and intentions of Mr. Norman should cease such activities immediately.

Alfred M. SamForay,
Committee to Elect Hinga Norman.

Photo: Sam Hinga Norman