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New Series Postponed

By  | 11 December 2012 at 16:41 | 2323 views

The new series on Government Ministers, Diplomats and other senior government officials has been postponed to next Saturday, December 21, 2012, for reasons we shall explain later.

People wonder why we are wasting so much time on a certain individual.

Here are the reasons:

1. His title is a source of embarrassment to Sierra Leonean career diplomats around the world and to even the people in Freetown and the United States of America who have been trying to help him. We do not envy him, nor do we want his job. We just want the government in Freetown to find a title that truly reflects his tasks or functions. Currently he is not a diplomat or a cabinet minister although his title suggests that. We are now implementing the Agenda for Prosperity which means total transparency and authenticity. It is about calling things and individuals by their true name to create the atmosphere needed for real prosperity.

2. This individual is a government official or public servant who needs to be probed or criticized, like all the other government officials. We are not government officials, so we do not care what people say about us and we have the capability to defend ourselves and set the records straight. Government officials too have that privilege. We will also be more than willing and ready to publish any rejoinder sent to us by people we write about.

3. We have heard about serious allegations of corruption in New York and New Jersey among government officials and APC activists. We shall examine that too.

4. We shall look at this individual’s relationship with APC supporters and fellow workers in New Jersey, New York and Washington DC.

5. We shall analyze this individual’s statements and declarations on behalf of President Koroma and government ministers that are not true and a source of huge embarrassment to the President, the party and the government. We shall caution him to stop such utterances forthwith.

6. We will be doing this without malice but as a corrective measure to create sanctity and respect for all functionaries in our government. He is not the only one we shall examine, so it is not a vendetta or a sour grapes sort of thing.The language used, as readers of our newspaper already know, will be civilized, honest and direct.

See you next week.