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New Jersey Humpty Dumpty: A Case Study of Sierra Leonean Factionalism, Fakery,Greed, Egoism and Envy (Part 1)

7 January 2013 at 08:57 | 1671 views

First of all, we would like to apologize to our numerous readers for the lateness of this important series of articles (it may run for a couple of weeks or couple of months depending on our research findings). We have been late because the much anticipated new cabinet has not been fully announced (we wanted to incorporate it in this series; we only have three ministers for now, but that is okay(shoob yanda betteh pass emti baid).To make matters worse we could not keep our Saturday appointment because we had so many invitations to so many places. Again our profound apologies.

This series, which is different from the one on Cabinet Ministers, Diplomats and Senior Government Offcials (our subject belongs to none of of these categories) is very important because it deals with issues that need to be addressed if our country were to be prosperous, united and whole.

The subject will be called Humpty Dumpty for now since he did not name any names when he recently decided to launch another attack (he had been attacking the Patriotic Vanguard for a very long time in sly and snide ways but we had been ignoring him until now; we had been waiting for the elections to go away. Now the time is appropriate.

Today we are going to discuss his title. Next Sunday we are going to discuss his fakery, then his greed, his Loko faction in the APC and so on in other weeks. The new series on Cabinet Ministers, Diplomats and Senior Government Officials will appear later today (Canadian time). Now let’s get this thing going:

Minister Plenipotentiary

One of New Jersey Humpty Dumpty’s Loko brothers decided to defend him when we brought up the issue of his meaningless, outdated, " shibbolethic" and anachronistic title and suggested a change. We were really offended and disappointed that this individual, not only failed to understand what we were talking about (the title exists but the person wearing the crown is fake) but he had to use Wikipedia, a source whose administrators themselves say they are not responsible for what appears in it. Wikipedia did a good job in this particular instance though. Anybody can write anything on Wikipedia, we also use Wikipedia but not for issues like this one. We would advise him to use credible sources the next time.This is a very serious issue (Wi nor mix pan play play).

Also, anybody with a background in English and Communication, who is also not only an acclaimed journalist but a professional interpreter and translator like the publisher of this newspaper, knows that the best way to examine a word or words is to break them into little parts like the spare parts of a car. And to convey their meaning to somebody else, for example in a translation, you need to consider their intrinsic meaning, the image or picture they convey. In this case we are not going to discuss the origins of the two words (Minister Plenipotentiary) as it will take up too much space and time.

Let’s see how the Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary defines the two words keeping in mind not only the title but the person holding the title, think of "Brigadier" Julius Maada Bio as you continue to read this:

1 (often Minister) (British English) (in Britain and many other countries) a senior member of the government who is in charge of a government department or a branch of one.

2 (in some Protestant Christian Churches) a trained religious leader

a Methodist minister compare pastor, priest, vicar.

3 a person, lower in rank than an ambassador, whose job is to represent their government in a foreign country.

The third definition is what we need here. Do you think the New Jersey Humpty Dumpty is really a minister, a person really representing the government and people of Sierra Leone apart from doing a gig for some African commission at the UN for which he is being paid by the UN system combined with a fat salary from the government back home? We have an ambassador with full powers, a Permanent Representative and his deputy with full powers in the USA. So we really don’t need a minister with full powers. Freetown merely wants to help this individual, full stop. He is totally ignored by most of the workers at the mission in New York because they KNOW he is not one of them, for which we feel sorry for him. We hear that Freetown wants to make him Permanent Representative to put an end to the embarrassment. Well and good.

The Oxford dictionary defines Plenipotentiary thus:

a person who has full powers to take action, make decisions, etc. on behalf of their government, especially in a foreign country.

Do you, dear reader, think the New Jersey Humpty Dumpty has full powers to take action and make decisions on behalf of the government and people of Sierra Leone including you (this series is mainly for Sierra Leoneans who know what we are talking about). Apart from the gig at the UN, this individual does nothing else but attack the SLPP and its leaders in his paper, which makes some people in the APC very happy. while others cringe with shame and embarrassment when he unleashes some of his baseless and indecent attacks. We, on the other hand, think it’s necessary to praise the SLPP when they do something good and encourage them to play a significant role in the governance of the country as members of the opposition and also as brothers and sisters of the same land; we do not view them as enemies, although we criticize them, often severely, at times. That is a fundamental difference between us and this individual’s paper.

Coming back to the title of this individual and his functions, he in fact he has to consult Ambassador Stevens and Ambassador Touray on almost everything he says or does at that UN gig because the two Ambassadors have the real powers. Who ever thinks this individual has any powers is playing a cruel joke on him (serious tofie, as we say in Sierra Leone) and knows it but does not mind. For him the money and title, not his dignity, are all that matter. Finally we would like to advise Humpty Dumpty to stop trying to "rebrand" this title, (the only one in all our missions as far as we know) as it would only embarrass more people in Freetown than he can imagine. Please click on the clip below to enjoy a song on Humpty Dumpty.

PS: To suggest that our publisher wants to be a press attache is a terrible insult. A good number of the current press attaches were his reporters or correspondents and at least two of the ministers, past and present, were his juniors at FBC. What an insult. All current PV staff are above press attache. They are either international journalists, published writers or PhD candidates. Others have completed their PhDs. Wi nor mix pan crase-oh. We will fully demonstrate our prowess to fellow Sierra Leoneans next year, 2013.

See you next week.