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NCP boss reassures bankers

18 July 2018 at 17:58 | 2618 views


Striking workers of the Sierra Leone Commercial Bank and Rokel Commercial Bank Tuesday to resume work while government discusses the concerns they raised over their leave allowances and general welfare.

Present at the deliberations between representatives of the banks’ staff associations and government stakeholders was the Chairman of the National Commission for Privatisation, Umaru Napoleon Koroma (second from right in photo).

Koroma said government takes their concerns very seriously and that everything effort would be applied to ensure members of staff of both banks are not adversely affected by any policy directive from government. He however cautioned the them to be magnanimous in their pursuit of raising their concerns. He said:

"...It is very important for you to know that whatever policy we make will be to help improve the lives of ordinary Sierra Leoneans and your concerns will be shortly communicated to the President for immediate action.... We however want you to go back to work as this strike action has very serious impact on the economy..."

After two hours of deliberations, staff representatives and managers of both banks agreed to convey government’s message to their membership for the immediate resumption of duties.

Other notable personalities present were the Minister of Information, Mohamed Swarray, Minister of Labour, Adekunle King, the Secretary to the President Julius Sandy the Financial Secretary, Sahr Jusu, and Bank Governor, Patrick Conteh.