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NATCOM Director General settles QCell impasse

23 May 2020 at 21:24 | 1666 views

By Elkass Sannoh, Freetown, Sierra Leone

The Director General of the country’s Telecommunications Commission, (NATCOM) Daniel Kaitibi (photo), has amicably resolved the much-talked-about deadlock between Qcell Mobile Company and the two other telecommunications companies, Orange and Africell.

"My responsibility is to ensure quality service delivery to the people and also ensure a peaceful relationship between and amongst Mobile Network Operators as enshrined in the Telecommunications Act of 2006, as amended," NATCOM Director General said.

He assured the public that under his leadership the telecommunications service providers will continue to work in peace for the growth of their businesses and customers’ satisfaction.

In a communique yesterday, signed by all the four Mobile Network Operators in furtherance of the Commission’s mandate as provided for in Sections 52, 53 and 54 of the Telecommunications Act of 2006, they agreed that Africell and Orange Companies immediately interconnect with Qcell on their respective networks.

It was also agreed that all the Mobile Companies should fully comply with the floor price (Le. 590per minute) for off-net and on-net voice calls, adding that they should desist from unnecessary allegations that has the potential to defame the goodwill of other mobile network operators and the regulator.

To enforce this communique, they agreed that violators are liable to a fine not exceeding one hundred million Leones.

One of the Civil Society activists who has been calling on NATCOM commended the Director General for such stewardship in answering to the call of the public.

Alhassan Conteh, the Spokesman of the Consortium on Services For Citizens said that NATCOM has got the right leadership, but called on him to continue the good work.