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Nanette Thomas in Mathoir village, Tonkolili district

18 April 2017 at 01:38 | 841 views

By Our Correspondent

Madam Nanette Thomas, Hon. Minister of Political and Public Affairs, recently visited Mathoir village, Tonkolili district, on the invitation of Sanpha Sesay, Texas-based journalist and Public Relations Officer of APC-Dallas.

Mathoir village where everybody has registered for the elections next year is in Constituency 62, Tonkolili district.

The Hon Minister (sitting at the table with red hat) thanked the village people for exercising their civil right and their unflinching support for President Koroma and his government.

Sanpha (seated left of Nanette in photo) spoke at length on long history of the relationship between the Hon. Minister and himself which he said started in 1999. Nanette used to live in Dallas and was at one time president of APC-Dallas before returning home a couple of years ago.

There was cultural dancing and food to welcome Sanpha also known in APC circles as the "Texas Chief" and the Hon. Minister.