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Nairobi: Deputy Consul hosts students

By  | 8 September 2010 at 04:41 | 892 views

Sierra Leone’s Deputy Consul General and Permanent Representative to UNEP in Kenya has over the weekend reaffirmed government’s total commitment and continued support through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation to Sierra Leonean students in the Diaspora on government grants and scholarships.

Mr. Abdul Kargbo made this disclosure during a snap transit visit last Friday at his Nairobi residence by 23 Sierra Leonean students enroute to China for further studies.

Kargbo expressed the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ concern in addressing the plight of Sierra Leone students abroad in regards to their well being, security, and basic facilities to facilitate their study noting that part of their responsibility is arranging student exchange programs.

The Deputy Consul General appealed to the student delegation on transit to China to conduct themselves well as ambassadors of their country and to return home after the completion of their studies to empower and assist compatriots in developing the country.

"The country (Sierra Leone) relies on your various expertise after your study," the Deputy Consul added.

Responding on behalf of fellow students admitted to study in China with Chinese government scholarships, the head of delegation Austin Allan Thomas thanked the deputy consul and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for according them such an hospitable reception in Nairobi noting that they are hopeful that such a good gesture and concern about their welfare will continue even as they arrive in their respective universities in China.

Thomas assured the deputy consul and the government about their intention of returning to serve and assist in nation building. He thanked the Chinese government in awarding them the scholarships and prayed for sustainability.

The 23 students were drawn from various areas of study and specializations for undergraduate and graduate including PhD programmes. Some of the fields of study are Clinical Medicine, Journalism, Economics, International Relations, Engineering and Public Finance.

Photo: Composite photo of students and Leone Stars (also present in Nairobi).