My Name Is Karamoh Kabba

5 April 2006 at 21:33 | 903 views

A Rejoinder to S.L.P.P. Secretary General’s State of the Party

My name is Karamoh Kabba, I am the People’s Movement for Democratic Change (P.M.D.C.) interim Spokesperson for the Washington DC Metro Area chapter. We at the P.M.D.C. applaud the Secretary General of the S.L.P.P., Mr. Jacob Jusu Saffa, on his statement recently, especially, on the democratic process that is underway.

We absolutely agree with the Secretary that the 2007 general elections would put our hard earned peace to test. Compounded by admonishing our people to be peaceful, we will gladly echo the Secretary’s statement on the importance of peace in the run up to 2007 general elections and our country at large:

“As we seek a new Mandate to govern, I therefore implore Party members to remain respectful, disciplined, avoid violence and rude conduct,...”

Actions taken by the S.L.P.P. leadership recently have not been consistent with your statement. We will therefore also add that the S.L.P.P. leadership rule by example, by adhering to the same advice it gives it people.

However, we will also point out that we are grateful the Secretary more or less has realized that not much has been done in the past ten years of S.L.P.P. administration of the country. The same old war time government excuses are no more valid reasons for the lacking economic development and pervasive corruption in government.

Therefore, we disagree with the notion that ten years was not sufficient for the S.L.P.P. to wiggle its way out of corruption, mismanagement and embark on robust agriculture, mining and technology to revamp the economic.

For this reason, the people of Sierra Leone have seen the light and have settled for a “Positive Change”. They want to try the P.M.D.C., which will give the S.L.P.P. five more years in addition to the ten it has squandered, but out of office this time around to do some housecleaning.

It is apparent that the S.L.P.P. leadership needs to learn some multi-tasking skills in the meantime-housecleaning, restructuring, implementing and delivering. That is what the P.M.D.C. is set out to do-all at once. We all have two eyes; we are going to set one on development and the other on corruption.

The greatest countries in the world are not afraid of change where as the most backward countries are shy of change. Change is one of the most scaring things, but almost the needed remedy to many bad situations.

In the United States, they change every four years. They give a president a second chance only if he was good to the people. In fact they have no compromise for the president, [him] they change very often. Because of this, the leaders are constantly focused on doing everything it takes to make them worthy of the people’s votes. The same is true of many successful democracies of the world.

Our people have recognized the greatness of this trend, and we respect the S.L.P.P.’s commitment to respect the will of the people whatever that may be in 2007. You have agreed with all our concerns for challenging your administration, it only turns out that we no longer have patience to wait on your endless and broken promises.