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Muslim cleric commends President Koroma

By  | 26 February 2010 at 00:30 | 660 views

The Chief Imam of the Freetown Central Mosque Sheikh Ahmad Tejan Sillah says President Ernest Koroma’ s ‘Agenda for Change’ is in line with the mission of Prophet Muhammad and therefore called on all religious leaders to join in the campaign for A change of attitude.

Sheikh Ahmad Tejan Sillah (photo) says Attitudinal and Behavioral Change is the foundation of the islamic religion and all religions. He said the essence of religion is for attitudinal and behavioral change.

“That was the mission of all the prophets including Prophet Muhammad."

He said president Ernest Bai Koroma’s call for attitudinal change is not anything new.

Muslim clerics have been holding seminars to discuss attitudinal and behavioral change in the context of Islam and to resolve to make it the centrality of their preachings in Sierra Leone’s mosques.

In one of the seminars at the Iranian Cultural Centre last week, Sheik Alimamy Sesay a teacher in islamic studies said attitudinal change is necessary for the advancement of any society.He called on Muslim leaders to focus on the youths who acquire undesirable cultures that affect their behavior and influence them to resort to anti-social activities.

Another speaker, Hassan Kargbo, spoke on the significance of religion in transforming attitudes. He said attitudinal change is a core element in national transformation.

The Chancellor of the Iranian Cultural Centre Mohamed Reza Ghezel Sofla said most countries that are advanced today started by changing the mindset of their people. He said society’s advancement depends on the attitude of its people.

He said the call for attitudinal change in Sierra Leone is meaningful and is a guide towards the right direction.

Sheikh Ahmad Tejan Sillah said prior to the advent of islam, Arabia was a country characterized by anti-social dispositions, but islam helped to transform the mindset of the people.

“Attitudinal change is the vehicle for advancement in any society," he said.