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Moyamba District Council,rural development champion

By  | 6 February 2014 at 01:01 | 1309 views

Rural development is the cornerstone of economic take-off of developing countries like Sierra Leone. Without rural development it will be impossible for the country’s Agenda for Prosperity to be realized.

That is why we are bringing to the notice of our readers a very significant development taking place in Moyamba district (southern Sierra Leone) where the district council, where the Chairman is former academic and researcher Professor Bob Kandeh.

One impressive thing Professor Kandeh (photo) and his team have done is to create a website (one of two district councils in Sierra Leone to have websites, the other being Koinadugu district council) where most of the council’s activities are carefully explained including how every Leone is spent, how it is spent and why it is spent on a particular item.

Moyamba district council is like a national government because it covers almost everything the national government does like expenditure on health, agriculture, education and so on. Every year a budget speech is read by the Chairman of the council detailing the activities of the past year.

Read this year’s Moyamba district council budget speech by clicking here.

Indeed Moyamba district council can serve as a role model and champion of patriotism and accountability in a country where rural development has been stalled and arrested for decades by some highly corrupt local government officials who see money from the central government in Freetown as something to be shared among themselves and "chopped".

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