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Message to the Kono People of Sierra Leone

13 January 2006 at 02:33 | 1069 views

By Agnes Dugba Macauley.

I have heard of a lot of events about my people and being a Kono myself, I have great faith in them. Kono has a lot of learned people as paramount chiefs, MPs, ministers, civil servants, elders, and youths. Rumour has it that privileged Kono people are being manipulated by the SLPP government and even heavily bribed with money and material goods to sell their birth rights - and to blindly vote for them come 2007.

I proudly say that this is total nonsense - Kono people will not allow themselves to be bought with ‘coco yebeh’. Kono is supposed to be the ‘bread basket of Sierra Leone’ and so any government in power should give Kono its dues, not in parts but to the whole of the Kono People and the land. What ever has been given as gifts to our chiefs etc. may be taken as tokens of goodwill and as a privilege. When it comes to politics, Kono should not be taken for granted - a proper laid down plan should be put on the table to see where we stand. No one sided talks should hold water. Make straight plans for the future of Kono and its people.

We the Konos living in the diaspora will not take kindly Tto a situation where the majority of our people are deprived of their daily bread while a few sleep on full stomachs. We want to appeal to all those in authority in Kono to stand taller than they are standing now to claim dignity for Kono People and Kono Land. In doing so, they must weigh the odds against the goods - Kono should be like Kuwait in Sierra Leone where all Konos proudly live lacking nothing money can buy - Kono should benefit from its resources as a priority. Kono people may be law abiding citizens but they are breaking the law for making government after government take advantage of them.

This time round, do not take or be tempted by bribery - advocate in the best interests of Kono. Make the land and let the indigenous Konos be proud of their land. Voting for the right leader will make a difference not only to Kono as a whole but to the whole nation. We are watching from afar with a message for our people and that message is open your eyes and think of Kono in the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s and now in the 21st century. How proud are you of Kono? How proud are you of our people? What are you going to secure for the young generation to come? Think again and again
- eating alone is going to make you strong but your children and the young will
be weaker - make the young dreams come true - choose the right leader come 2007.

Happy New Year (2006) May we be sincere in all our undertakings.
With Love for my people, the Kono people and for Sierra Leone my country.

Agnes Kumba Dugba Macauley
Your Kono Child and Sister

Photo: Aerial view of Koidu town in the Kono district of Sierra Leone.