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Message of condolence to APC-Canada Chairman

4 March 2017 at 09:04 | 992 views

4th March, 2017.

Message of condolence to the Chairman of the APC-Canada branch, Comrade Sean Samura and co-opted executive member Ibrahim Samura on the sudden loss of their brother in Freetown, Sierra Leone, Sheik Alusine Samura (photo).

The executive, membership, supporters, friends and well-wishers of the APC Canada Branch are deeply saddened by the death of Sheik Alusine Samura, Chief Imam at Ferry Terminal Mosque and the elder brother of the Chairman of APC Canada Branch, Comrade Sean Samura and co-opted executive member of the APC Canada Branch, Comrade Ibrahim Samura.

This sad event occurred in Freetown on Saturday 4th of March, 2017. Our prayers are with the family, friends and loved ones at home and abroad, who are grieving over this irreparable loss.

As a Branch, we are with one accord sending a message of peace and comfort to the entire Samura family. We pray that Allah, the Faithful and Giver of life will bless the departed soul with a great reward in the life hereafter.

Also, we pray for God’s divine grace, mercy and provision for his wife, children and others who are left behind by this worthy servant of Allah.

This sad moment brings us remembrance that someday we must interact with the inevitable call of death.

Sleep on, our dear brother, we shall meet again where death has no victory, where tears will never stain that city of Glory… Sleep on and take your rest.

Inna lillaahi wa inna ilayhi Raaji’oon

From the secretariat of the APC-Canada branch.