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Message from the APC Canada Branch Women’s Leader

8 November 2017 at 18:19 | 2746 views

APC Canada Branch Women’s Wing is pursuing the democratic participation of women in decision making process at all levels of the APC Canada Branch and the APC Party as a whole.

We believe that effective representation of women in the APC Canada Branch is the cornerstone in achieving a successful APC Canada Branch. Building consensus among our women peers and through effective collaboration we hope to pride ourselves as a focal point in the day to day functioning and achievements of the APC party here in Canada and beyond. Bearing in mind that women’s participation in the APC Canada Branch is vital, we look forward to collaborate and build effective partnership with the leadership of the APC Canada Branch and all other Branches in the Diaspora.

The APC-Canada Branch Women’s wing’s mission is to fully empower women’s membership drive and Increase their participation in development and planning in party programs and activities within and outside of Canada.

Our vision entangles with the overall vision of the APC Canada Branch and the broader aspiration of the APC National Women’s Congress in Freetown Sierra Leone. We envision a strong and united party here in Canada with women playing important roles in the affairs of the APC Canada Branch. Also, we look forward to build an effective system for women membership drive across all provinces in Canada. As a subset of the APC Canada Branch we will endeavor to ensure that activities of the APC Canada Branch are successful.

On behalf of the entire membership of the APC Canada Women’s Wing,our dynamic and dedicated Chairman Comrade Sean Samura and the entire Executive and membership of the APC –Canada Branch we want to express our congratulations to Madam Beatrice Conteh on her new appointment from the APC National Women’s Congress as the Coordinator for the Women’s Wing in the United States and Canada. We are ready to work with you in making women’s issues a priority in our Party. I also want you to know that all the APC Women in Canada are very proud of you and we are all looking forward to forge a new road map to make the APC Women’s Wing in North America a success stories.

Special Thanks also goes to our dynamic APC USA Women’s Leader Madam Mariama Lowe-Bangura, Madam Memounatu Conteh Vice Chairlady 2 APC USA Branch, Madam Hawa Yansaneh Assistant Women’s Leader 2 APC USA Women’s Wing, APC UK & Ireland Women’s Wing, APC Germany Women’s Wing and all the APC Women’s Wing in the Diaspora we say thank you for your passion and selfless sacrifices for our party. The APC Canada Women’s Wing is looking forward to work with you all to empower the interest of women’s participation in politics.

“A Woman is the Full circle. Within her is the Power to create, nurture and Transform” By Diane Mariechild

Signed by Madam Aminata Kanu
Women’s Leader