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Message from the Albert Academy Washington DC chapter president

4 February 2019 at 18:43 | 2326 views

Fellow alumni,

As president of the Albert Academy Alumni Association Washington DC Metro, it gives me the greatest pleasure to welcome you to the 2019-2020 administrative year. This is an incredibly dynamic time for me, as The Albert Academy has become an integral piece of my family’s life story.

The needs of our school are vast and of competing priorities. As your leader, I will get to know and work with each of you over the next two years, to achieve our sole goal of re-establishing THE ALBERT ACADEMY as Sierra Leone’s premier choice for secondary education. This year’s theme is: “ONE AA ONE VISION”.

We are a recognized 501(c ) 3 non-profit organization with a rich history and a strong alumni constituency, that brings the world within reach. Founded over 20 years ago, in the DC metro area, our achievements, excellence and breakthroughs have made us one of the strongest in this region. With excitement and growth that is rapidly taking place using technology, the AAAADC extends well beyond our reach and we are able to locate alumni in areas where there is no active chapter. Our varied perspectives and life experiences represent more than 10 states in the USA and provide a diversity that enriches learning and one accord in the diaspora. Quite a number of us continue to be engaged in the life of the school “Neath the trees upon the hillside” and contribute to its successes.

During my tenure, I would like to ask each of you, as alums, to do just one thing: Come back!!! Come back to give, hear and feel the atmosphere of your alma mater!!

Come back to reflect on the beauty and compare the quality of education that you received from the Albert Academy and now what is much needed!!

Come back because it is still your secondary school, and never has there been a better time to renew your pride in all that it represents to our local community at Berry Street (OKAMORIE), to the nation and the production of great and prominent leadership.

A great alumni experience doesn’t just happen. You make it happen by taking advantage of the friendly and family opportunities available to us all here far away from home. This includes taking advantage of the programs, activities and events made possible by the Alumni Association. The Association has been working over the last several years to greatly expand our outreach to alumni, to significantly enhance camaraderie and collaboration in support of our Alma-Mater.

The Albert Academy Washington DC Alumni Association is committed to creating connections between the national chapter and all other global chapters. Our goal is to offer services, opportunities and programs to the school that will prepare the students for success. As President, it is my goal to work to raise public awareness of the Albert Academy Alumni Association, to grow its membership base, to assist with development of fundraising opportunities, and to promote exciting activities and events.

As the Albert Academy turns 115 years this October, the alumni association will be setting up events to commemorate this special year. A few of the proposed events include; visitation and laying of a tomb stone at the Pennsylvania farm where Ira Albert grew up, and an Awards Night to honor alumni and citizens who have made a difference to the school and humanity.

You will be able to meet alumni, build your professional network and grow your alumni spirit; suffice it to say, make a connection – you never know when it will pay off!

Our continued partnership under my administration begins today 01/01/2019. Together, we will

promote a positive image of the Albert Academy, its students and alumni through communication, service and leadership. This collaboration will hopefully foster a mutually beneficial relationship among alumni and will perpetuate a sense of pride in, and commitment to the outstanding qualities of our chapter. Our association is only as strong as the sum of its parts.

On behalf of my executive, it is a pleasure and a privilege to welcome you to 2019-2020 administrative year. We want to reach out and connect with you, no matter where you may be. Please continue to visit us on the website for information on future Alumni activities.

I would be remiss if I fail to thank the outgoing executive led by Musu-Mesi Davies for their dedication over the last 4 years. We are a better association because of the work you did!!

Thank you again for allowing me the opportunity to serve as your Albert Academy Alumni Association Washington DC Metro Chapter President. I’m excited about the next two years, and what it holds for us as we partner to strengthen and grow our Alumni Association.

I offer you and yours nothing but best wishes for a phenomenal 2019.

Esse Quam Videri!!!!

Florence Kumba Aminata Jarfoi, MSc. (Class of ’91)

President Albert Academy Alumni Association Washington DC Metro Chapter. (USA)