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Message from APC-Canada Branch chairman

12 June 2017 at 17:07 | 2090 views

Thank you for attending the APC-Canada Branch Executive and Stakeholders Meeting in Toronto Ontario Canada, Saturday June 10, 2017.

On behalf of myself as the Chairman and Leader of the APC-Canada Branch, Vice Chairmen, Principal Veterans, Executive Members, Chapter Leaders and the entire membership of the APC-Canada Branch I want to seize this opportunity to extend our Sincere Thanks and appreciation to the delegates and supporters who travelled from all over Canada and the United States to grace this important meeting within the APC-Canada Branch.

We thank you all for taking your vital time to be with us for this meeting. We are glad we had the opportunity to discuss important matters on the agenda relating to the Branch and the APC Party as a whole. We especially appreciate the commitments we have pledged to continue to support the APC-Canada Branch .May God continue to bless our Chairman and Leader of the APC-Party Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma and may God bless us all. Long Live our APC-Party Long live the APC-Canada Branch.

From the Desk of the Honourable Chairman and Leader of the APC-Canada Branch

Comrade Sean Samura.

Comrade Abubakar Marah from Montreal, Quebec, at the meeting.

Toronto APC members and Juliana from Edmonton, Alberta (extreme left).

Toronto members

Comrade Saidu Thaimu Bangura of APC-Ontario

Mrs Sean Samura, wife of APC-Canada branch chairman

Left to right: Modibo Lymon, APC-Canada Treasurer, Mohamed Taqi, APC-Canada Vice-Chairman III, Chairman Sean Samura and Ibrahim Badamasi Kamara (Knana Kanthe), APC-Canada Secretary.

Young Taqi, Mrs. Taqi and Mrs. Samura

Left to right: Juliana Nunoo (APC-Canada Financial Secretary, Mohamed Taqi (Vice-Chairman III), Chairman Sean Samura and Marie Turay (Director of International Affairs).

Group photograph