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MB Attilla to Storm Winnipeg

1 August 2007 at 07:43 | 1009 views

By Lans Omar, Winnipeg.

Sierra Leone’s blind music wonder, M.B. Attilla, is performing in Winnipeg August 25, 2007. This is part of his all Canadian tour which kicks off in Toronto, a week before coming to PegCity. The "Lone Ranger" from the Blind Musical Flames will be storming Winnipeg with a three man team and performing live.

I remember the first time I interviewed Attilla thirteen years ago in Freetown. The headline on Concord Times newspaper was stunning.

Attilla had just released his debut album, Native Land. He was on top of the world with songs like the album title song "Native Land" and "Attilla Man Dangerous"

Emerging from the Milton Margai School for the Blind in Freetown, Sierra Leone, to a nationally acclaimed status with the Blind Musical Flames, Attilla is now poised for super stardom.

In 1993 the blind musical star took off with a solo career from the Blind Musical Flames. From that point onwards, the legend called Attilla was unstoppable. His solo career debutted with "Native Land." The album reeled off a string of hits that are still memorable.

After returning from attending the Kora Awards 1995, (Africa’s most prestigeous musical awards) renowned African music analyst and Concord Times’ editor, Tony Hesmart, had openly said that the blind musical wonder is the only hope left to bring the Kora to Sierra Leone.

Last night, I was privileged once again to interview the music legend who took Sierra Leone by storm with beats & lyrics like "Nor Butu Waise Nar Bad Character," etc.

The blind musical genius now lives in Alexandria, Virginia, U. S. A. Over the phone he talked to me about his forth coming Canadian concert dates especially his August 25 Winnipeg concert.

"It’s my first Canadian tour and I’m looking forward to giving you a blast," the singer said.

He continued, "I’ll be performing most of my old songs which you are quite familiar with, and a couple of new songs from my latest album."

His latest album is titled "Salone Gbarko Patriot". Gbarko is a must listen 12-song CD, it delves a lot into corruption in Sierra Leone. The song itself is melodious, articulate and easy to dance to.

Attilla will be performing at the West End Cultural Centre, 586 Ellice Avenue at Sherbrook, Winnipeg, Canada.

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