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May God Bless Isatu NenehTimbo-Nwokedi

30 August 2008 at 18:26 | 1179 views


By Essa Thaim-Kurugba, USA.

Isatu Neneh Timbo-Nwokedi, who lives in California, is the embodiment of the American Dream. An African-American, she was born in Sierra Leone in a small village called Rokulan in the Bombali District, Northern Province of Sierra Leone.

She knew the rough life of a village girl growing up in an impoverished country like Sierra Leone. She overcame all the odds life threw her way and relentlessly worked hard and finished her high school education in Freetown, the captal.

Still thirsty for more education, she migrated to the United States where she pursued further education in the field of nursing, and became a Registered Nurse (RN).

Thereafter, she became more and more interested in the health care industry. The rest is history - but a history that has until now been known only superficially.

Yes, Mrs. Isatu Timbo Nwokedi(photo) is a globally successful business woman, CEO and President of three medical companies. She is an entrepreneur, married with two children and an excellent housewife. She is a loving mother and caring wife.

During the past two years, she has decided to devote her extraordinary human and professional qualities and skills towards helping her people back home in Sierra Leone. Having lived in Sierra Leone most of her life, she has an exceptional understanding of the practicalities of life of the people of Sierra Leone.

Her resolute and unflinching determination to improve the life of her people in the areas of basic healthcare services, education, and women empowerment is evident by the number of donations she has made in the last three years. She has donated food, clothing, school books, and supplies worth thousands of dollars to schools at Rokulan, Royanka, and other villages.

This year, Mrs. Timbo-Nwokedi has also sent a 40 foot container filled with medical supplies, hospital equipment, school supplies and books to Sierra Leone which will be distributed to schools and hospitals around the country.

As a wonderful patriot and philanthropist, Isatu firmly believes in the words of the late J. F. Kennedy who once said: “Do not ask what your country will do for you, but what you will do for your country." She encourages every Sierra Leonean in the diaspora to give something back, no matter how little or small, to the people of Sierra Leone.

Her ultimate goal in life, she told me, is to carry out actions that would make a positive difference in people’s lives. Her mission is to see that every citizen of Sierra Leone has the right and privilege of basic healthcare services and education while empowering the women of Sierra Leone for a better life and economic growth. May God bless Isatu Neneh Timbo-Nwokedi.