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Marie Turay represents APC-Canada at APC-USA inauguration

18 March 2017 at 23:55 | 933 views

Madam Marie Turay, APC-Canada’s Director of International Affairs is currently in Atlanta, Georgia, as the official representative of APC-Canada at the inauguration of the new APC-USA executive that was elected in August last year.

The inauguration will take place tonight, Saturday March 18, 2017. Madam Turay (pictured) arrived in Atlanta yesterday and took part in the pre-celebration party last night.

According to the APC-Canada secretariat Madam Turay, a leading APC supporter in Canada based in Toronto, " is representing the Canada branch as part of our solidarity with the APC-USA branch in the momentous inauguration of a new branch executive."

The statement further revealed that Madam Turay was assigned this task by APC-Canada chairman Sean Samura. She will be meeting with leaders of APC-USA and other stakeholders.

"In addition, Madam Marie Turay will deliver our words of congratulation to the Chairman, executives and supporters of the APC USA Branch. Be assured of our highest congratulations. Thank you and God bless you," the statement, signed by APC-Canada Secretary-General Ibrahim Badamasi Kamara, concluded.