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Maria, the hair stylist with a difference

26 September 2007 at 05:53 | 1489 views

Her name is Maria Arankunda. She had to leave her native Rwanda in the 90s when that country exploded in gruesome ethnic strife. But that’s one thing she does not like to discuss.

“I prefer to forget the past and concentrate on the present and the future, “ she told Afri-Can magazine in a brief chat last week.

One of the small number of professional cosmetologists and hair stylists in British Columbia, Maria exudes self confidence and determination about what she does in her state of the art beauty salon on 6th street in Burnaby, adjacent to the office of Burnaby-New Westminster Member of Parliament Peter Julian.

Maria’s business, World Shine Limited, sells all kinds of hair and skin products and the owner and her staff also do hair extensions, braiding, Japanese straightening, threading and waxing. They also do perm, colour and cuts. A significant feature of World Shine Limited is the treatment of biracial hair and the fact that customers come from all races and ethnic groups. It also operates what is known as ionic hair straightening with a specialization on the hair of biracial children. Not many hair stylists do that, apparently and this places Maria in a special category of specialists.

“We train parents of biracial children on how to deal with their children’s hair, especially white fathers or white mothers. Some parents really don’t know what to do what their children’s hair,” Maria says, with a smile.

Maria studied Cosmetology at the Vancouver Community College and is a member of the Cosmetologists Association of British Columbia. We asked her to offer some advice to African-Canadian women interested in business. Here is her message:

“ In business, you have to like what you are doing in order to succeed. It’s not an easy thing; you have to be hard working and very patient. Any business takes time to develop, so you have to be patient”.

Source: Afri-Can magazine( Afri-Can is a sister publication or affiliate of the Patriotic Vanguard.