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Margai Tour Gathers Momentum

5 November 2006 at 23:45 | 832 views

By Our Correspondent

The Trans-Atlantic Tour for “Positive Change” delegation headed by Charles Margai traverses the Delaware Valley with unfaltering vision to bring about positive change to Sierra Leone. Charles Margai has so far reassured his audiences with unwavering messages of his Positive Change vision.

In what some political pundits describe as the most organized, coordinated and well-attended political gathering of Sierra Leoneans in the Delaware Valley [the dinner and banquet organized in Philadelphia] attracted people from all political interest groups amongst Sierra Leoneans and non-Sierra Leoneans.

With a capacity of 250 seats, the hotel ballroom was already packed at 11: pm. If there was any scintilla of doubt on the minds of any undecided Sierra Leonean or skeptics, it was definitely cleared last night by Margai “Positive Change Message.”

Attired in white three-piece coat, laced with a bow tie and trimmings of PMDC orange paraphernalia, Charles Margai looked Presidential, alert, brilliant, and unquestionably confident.

Charles Margai stood out as a sore thumb with a major policy speech that could define the future of the PMDC and Sierra Leone. Believing in the fact that political projections and timeframes are sometimes overtly overambitious, vis-à-vis performance, Charles Margai made reasonable projections for certain important benchmarks to be achieved within his first 100 days in power.

The PMDC leader catalogued his goals into short term, medium term and long term. Probably influenced by his legal bent and coupled with the fact that many Sierra Leoneans are realizing that the SLPP is an effete political group, Margai wasted no time in stating that his first goal is to restructure, re- establish, maintain and sustain law and order in the Sierra Leonean society, through the rule of law. He observed that the survival of the state is contingent on the rule of law and an independent judiciary, the converse of which is anarchy.

Energy and power is also a priority on the list of benchmarks. Charles Margai believes that industrialization is impossible without a sustainable and reliable energy network to support production, distribution and exchange. In this direction, Charles hopes to harness Sierra Leone’s resources making sure that the supply of energy is constant within the length and breadth of Sierra Leone. He hopes to move Sierra Leone from the current state of darkness into an illustrious and proud nation. The knock-on effect of this reliable energy network is to bolster production, employment, income, favorable balance of trade and the propensity on the part of Sierra Leoneans to save. Also included in the energy goal is the question of water.

Amidst deafening applause, Charles Margai reassured the audience that his Presidency would be defined by his relentless efforts to ensure that there is safe drinking water in every corner of Sierra Leone. He reflected on the failure of the current government to maintain water supply for even the Western area when Guma Valley dried up a few months ago.

Under his food security goals, the PMDC leader gave a synopsis of his vision for an improved lifestyle for Sierra Leoneans as espoused in Article 25 of United Nations universal declaration of human rights:

“Everyone has the right to a standard of living adequate for the health and well-being of himself and his family, including food, clothing, and housing and medical care and necessary social services, and the right to security in the event of unemployment, sickness, disability, widowhood, old age or other lack of livelihood.”

In his foresight of attaining this goal, Charles Margai patiently and cautiously delved into the land tenure system in Sierra Leone. He contends that the current land tenure system in the Provincial areas of Sierra Leone is anachronistic. To encourage investors into the country and raise the confidence level of investors, Margai stated that the land tenure system should be reviewed taking cognizance of the fact that foreign direct investment is a plus for the economy, in line with emerging trends in the global economy. While he intends to review the current land tenure system, he cautioned that the interests and aspirations of all parties concerned would be fully recognized as the issue is very sensitive.

Other priority social issues that Margai intends to address when he assumes the Presidency is health, sanitation and education. Health and education policy will be overhauled, making sure that there is equality and fairness in the access to quality health care and education.

He factored the current youth crisis in Sierra Leone to the paucity of social amenities and the total lack of hope for alternative, productive lifestyles.

The PMDC, the leader echoed, will bring hope to disaffected Sierra Leoneans encompassing all the demographics and representing the interests of every Sierra Leonean, devoid of religious, tribal, or regional considerations.

Very much on top of the situation, the PMDC leader brilliantly answered all the questions posed by Sierra Leoneans within and without the PMDC. Invigorated by the leader’s speech and entertained with patriotic Sierra Leonean music, the ballroom remained buoyant and lively as the occasion ended.

Testimonies were also given by many independent observers later to pledge their loyalty and support for the PMDC. To state that the fundraising dinner and banquet in Philadelphia was a success, is a redundant reality.

Photo: Charles Margai(second from right) and some of his supporters in the US.
Photo credit: Karamoh Kabba.