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Margai Released on Bail

By  | 9 December 2005 at 21:34 | 521 views

PMDC leader Charles Margai has been released on bail in Bo.The bail was worth 500 million leones.

Margai, who was taken to Bo under police escort faces, together with some of his supporters, 11-count charges including conspiracy. His arrival in Bo created an atmosphere of tension in the city and our sources say security forces had to appeal to him go on air to calm his supporters, which he did on one of the Bo radio stations and at his Bo residence.

In Freetown he received a rousing welcome from his supporters who were waiting for him, according to our sources, in the outskirts of the city, at Calaba town. Margai and his co-defendants including prominent lawyer Arrow and his wife are scheduled to re-appear in court in Bo on the the 19th of December.
Meanwhile, we publish below some comments on the Margai arrest from the SLPP Publicity Secretary, Victor Reider:

Hope you,re fine. I read with interest your report on
the arrest of Mr Charles Margai. Let me first of all
set the record straight. The arrest of Mr Margai did
not lead to any tension in Freetown and or Bo as was
reported. The fact of the matter is, when he was
escorted to the Criminal Investigations
Department(CID)Headquarters in Freetown, some
disgruntled operatives of Charles’s so called
movement,attempted to deter his arrest but as i
assured you in my last interview, Sierra Leone is a
democratic State where law and order are the
fundamental tenets on which she now revolves. Thus,
the Police whose responsibility it is to maintain law
and order swiftly put the situation under control.

Following that he was taken by road under police
escort to Bo where he appeared at the Bo Magistrate
Court this morning without incidence.

Let it be known that the People of Bo went about their
normal activities without any reference to Mr Margai’s
appearance in Court thus confirming that he is really
not an issue.

Further, let it be understood that presently in Sierra
Leone the theory of the separation of power is fully
observed, to the extent that the police has the
freedom to professionally administer itself as an
entity charged with the responsibility to maintain law
and order much as the Courts have a free hand within
the ambit of the laws of the land to act independently
of both the Executive and the Legislature.

Sierra Leone is not a jungle, we are governed by the
rule of law and no one is above the law.Hence the due
process of the law is on with regards the issue of Mr
Charles Margai for now. Let the Courts decide whether
or not he is guilty.