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’Margai Is Not Above the Law"-----SLPP Spokesman

By  | 3 December 2005 at 10:31 | 503 views

The Public Affairs Secretary of the ruling SLPP government in Sierra Leone, Mr. Victor Reider has told the Patritotic Vanguard that the rumour that PMDC leader Charles Margai will soon be arrested is not true. He was however quick to point out that Charles, like every other Sierra Leonean, is not above the law.

Reider told editor Gibril Koroma on the phone from Freetown, Saturday December 3 that Margai is actually under police investigations relative to the events in Bo a couple of days ago. He added that since there is separation of powers in Sierra Leone, he will not be surprised if the police eventually picks him up.

"That will have nothing to do with the party or the government. It will be purely a police matter," he clarified.

Continuing, Reider said there is now in Sierra Leone what he called "the rule of law" in which everybody is treated equally and in which power has been "demystified" and handed over to the people.

He said the SLPP government will never interfere with the work of the police especially in the matter involving Mr. Charles Margai. He advised that people should stop spreading rumours and wait for the outcome of the police investigations in the Charles Margai affair.

PMDC supporters in the United Kingdom and the United States have been issuing statements and press releases over the weekend stating that that their leader may be arrested on Sunday and charged with treason in connection with the Bo incident.

Photo: Charles Margai.