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Mamba TV got it totally wrong

30 September 2016 at 00:54 | 1275 views


By Kanthe Knana, Quebec, Canada.

The late President Ahmed Tejan Kabbah of the SLPP travelled with over 130 delegates to the United Nations most of the time. Where was Mamba TV? Give me a break, please.

Does Mamba TV know how Sierra National Airline was killed? Ask Prince Harding, the former SLPP Transport and Aviation Minister.

He will tell you how they wrecked that airline with free tickets for concubines of the SLPP elites. They called it the free ticket airline to London.

Ask Prince.

Where Mamba TV got it wrong

Here is how Mamba TV got it wrong:

1. Failing to understand or be aware of history, especially SLPP history.
2. Failing to understand how UN Summits work.
3. Failing to understand the essence of delegates in a UN summit.
4. Failing to understand the essence of participation in international summits.
5. Failing to learn about presidential entourages.
6. Failing to learn how useful is our participation in international events abroad.
7. Failing to learn how other countries submit representatives for a UN summit.
8. Failing to learn how democracy works.
9. Failing to understand what free speech is.
10. Failing to understand the processes of security of a sovereign head of state during trips abroad.
11. Failing to acknowledge the destruction of Sierra National Airline and delegations to London as a result of free tickets for concubines of Ministers of government under the SLPP.
12. Failing to realize reality.
13. Failing to compare the past and the present.
14. Failing to accept presidential protocols.
15. Failing to acknowledge the hard work of the APC.
16. Failing to give perspectives.
17. Failing to praise the APC where praise is due.
18. Failing to join in a constructive engagement on presidential entourages.
19. Failing to ask questions for clarification.
20. Failing to get clarification.

Based on the above, I rest my case.