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Mamammah international airport must be built

2 December 2015 at 06:08 | 1918 views

By Tony Bee, Guest Writer, Sydney, Australia.


Firstly, I would like my readers to know that I am not one of President Ernest Bai Koroma’s media warriors. But as a lover of peace and development for my Motherland called Sierra Leone, I always like to put the records straight for posterity.

So when I read a very negative article in connection with the new Mammamah airport issue in one of the Sierra Leonean online newspapers, I was attacked by a fever straight away. I took some time to recover from that fever because of the words "A new airport will not produce food for Sierra Leoneans" in that article. What?

However, I thank God it was not an Ebola virus fever because it’s hard to survive from an EBV attack.

You know, I had written it before and will write it again: Some Sierra Leoneans are like Ebola, they do not want to see any development in the country because of "bad-heart" hatred, jealousy, personal grudge, etc especially if their kith and kin are not in control of State House.

When I read the article, my mind reflected on one of my recent articles where I said the deadly Ebola virus disease is gone but we are still left with human Ebola viruses (wicked Sierra Leoneans) in the country to fight against. And I also talked about enemies of peace, unity, progress and development in the country that are always at work to see that nothing good takes place or comes to the country because of their unpatriotic and anti-nationalistic attitudes and behaviour.

Please do not get me wrong, I am not saying that the writer of the piece is one of them (human EBV viruses). But we shall know them by their writings, comments and utterances as I said in one of my recent articles. However, since questions were meant to be asked, I would like to ask the writer of the said piece a few questions.

My questions will be based on the unbalanced nature of the contents of the writer’s article. A new airport will not be beneficial to the people of Sierra Leone? This is shameful and disgraceful in the ears of any patriotic or right-thinking Sierra Leonean.

It is disgraceful because how could an educated Sierra Leonean write such a one sided piece like that? The writer wrote without logical sequence in the form of pros and cons of the proposed new airport in the country so that the readers or the international community would decide for themselves.

Here are my questions:

1. Which planet was the writer living in or comes from with a statement saying a new airport in the country will not be of use to the people of Sierra Leone? Was the writer living in this modern world or living in some Stone Age wilderness?

2.If indeed the writer is living in this modern world, under what influence was the article written? Was it under the influence of political hatred, ethnic, regional or personal grudge at the expense of the nation, particularly when completely condemning a very viable project that will bring great benefits to our people?

3. Has the writer forgotten that everything in the world has its advantages and disadvantages? Why did the writer fail to write about both the merits and demerits of the proposed new airport in the country?

4.In view of that I would also like to ask the writer, minus the increase in the flow of goods and services, investors, tourists, businessmen and women that will bring more revenue in the country, what about the increase in the number of flights coming to the country that may have to pay airport tax? What about the employment opportunities that such a new airport will create for the people of Sierra Leone, especially the youths that the wicked EBV Sierra Leoneans are always fooling?

5. Was the writer well or maybe intellectually disturbed when writing that the construction of a new airport in the country is not beneficial to Sierra Leoneans? If it is meaningless as stated in that article, why is a well-developed country like Australia with modern domestic airports and international airports in the country still putting plans in place to construct other new airports despite the fact that they have other areas to develop or improve on, particularly housing, health and unemployment in the country.?

6. I am sorry to say the writer sounded like some of the educated EBV-Sierra Leonean fools that do not want peace and development in the country, people who are always naively and brainlessly saying the new airport will NOT "put pot on fire", meaning will not provide food and well being for the suffering masses.What about some of the benefits that the new airport will bring mentioned above, like jobs, are they not sources of putting the pot on fire? When someone is being employed and paid a salary what will he or she going to do with the money? Is it not to take care of his or her home that will involve cooking and other things?

However, I do agree that there are many areas that need development or improvement in the country like any other country in the world, especially in the health, housing, agriculture and employment sectors as the population continues to grow and also even if Sierra Leone has to pay millions of dollars in debts like any other country that does not mean that the construction of a new airport in the country will not be beneficial to the people of Sierra Leone.

Enemies of progress and development always pretend to forget that there is no simultaneous development in the world; even in the so-called developed countries there are certain areas that still need development or improvement, especially Australia. But that will not prevent them from undertaking new beneficial projects particularly for the benefit of their citizens.

Why do Ebola virus Sierra Leoneans always allow their unpatriotic, naive and fanatic political party loyalist emotions to make them become irrational? They become irrational EBV Sierra Leoneans for not always putting the interest of the nation first.

When President Koroma was busy turning the country into a workshop by constructing modern roads all over the country some of these same double standard so-called Sierra Leoneans used to say the same words or similar words that new roads will not "put pot on fire", naively and blindly saying such ungodly words against the country’s development to frustrate the good efforts of President Koroma and his APC progressive government.

Such roads are currently bringing lots of benefits in the country that the very enemies of progress and development are presently enjoying, especially in terms of internal trade, the free and quick movement of the masses from one end to another to transact their daily business.

7. Is the construction of new roads not part of development in the country? And what if the proposed new airport that enemies of progress and development do not want to see becomes a reality in the country? Is it not part of the country’s development?
If it is, why are you always throwing stones at very good developmental programs in the country? Is it because they are taking place under the patriotic and nationalistic leadership of president Koroma and his APC government?

Please if we, as Sierra Leoneans will not bring development to the country because of unpatriotic political party loyalty, hatred and personal grudges, let us allow the genuine foreigners to bring developmental projects that will improve the lives of our poor people. We should stop ganging up or conniving with some of the foreign human Ebola virus diseases that are always aiming at destroying our country’s progress and development.

And we should also please stop our caustic Dark Age unpatriotic thinking against the country. Whenever it comes to national development programs let us put all our "bad-heart", hatred, personal grudges, political party loyalty, ethnic or regional interests aside and give support to such developmental programs, particularly for the benefit of the poor and suffering masses in the country.

This is what Mamammah airport will look like when completed.