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Lower Bambara: Tongo International Solution donates

7 July 2020 at 01:46 | 881 views

By Foday M. Kamara and Ibrahim A. Kamara

In order to complement government efforts in the fight against the Coronavirus (COVID19) in the country, one of the leading organizations in Lower Bambara Chiefdom, Kenema District, Eastern Province of Sierra Leone on Sunday 5th July 2020, embarked on sensitization activities on the causes and prevention of the Coronavirus Disease and donated one hundred and fifty Bags of Rice and facemasks to the people of the chiefdom.

This organization has notable people within and outside the country including Dr. Samba who is the President and Fatmata Claire Carlton Hanciles, Executive Director of Legal Aid Board as Vice President of Tongo International Solution. Several villages and town’s with in the Chiefdom received bags of Rice and facemasks. The donation was done in order to alleviate the suffering of vulnerable people during this pandemic.

Councilor Rose Marie Fatorma, welcomed members of Tongo International Solution that were present in the distribution of the Rice and thanked them for the wonderful support provided to the people.

In his statement, Chief Morray Idrissa Vandi of Kapendehun expressed his appreciation and stated that the rice he received on behalf of his people will surely help the beneficiaries in his community.

Sheik Mustapha Moriba of Lalehun Town, appreciated the good work of the organization and encouraged the membership to continue the positive work they have started. He said special prayers for the entire membership of Tongo International both home and abroad for the Almighty Allah to guide and protect them.

The Chairlady of Tongo International Solution Madam Agibatu Cole told the beneficiaries that were present in the distribution process that the donation was made by people born in Lower Bambara Chiefdom that are living in Sierra Leone and other parts of the world.

Several groups were in attendance including Chiefs, tribal Heads, Sierra Leone Police, Religious Leaders, Disables and many others.

Eventually, the distribution of rice and facemasks was done in a peaceful manner.