Letter to editor

Thanks for sympathy

The Kalokoh Family, at home and abroad, wish to express our profound gratitude and appreciation for the tremendous outpouring of love and support as we (...)

| December 2009 | 721 views

On corruption at the Ministry of Health

By Jose Tenga, USA. I have followed your discussions about the sacking of the MOH over the award of contracts by the Ministry of Health with interest (...)

| November 2009 | 925 views

SRL: Mismanaging Community Expectations!

By Abu Beah A friend recently sent me a copy of Rutile News. A cursory read of the maiden newsletter(Vol.1, Issue 1: March 2009), exposes two clear and (...)

| November 2009 | 910 views

AFRC, RUF, and Kamajor leaders flown to Rwanda

By Alfred Sam-Foray, currently in Freetown. At aproximately 3:15 this afternoon (Saturday October 31), the helicopter bearing the 3 AFRC, 3 RUF and 2 (...)

| November 2009 | 727 views

Thank you, Mr. President

Dear Anthony, Thanks a million times for covering this story (President Koroma endorses APC Party Secretariat’s decision, Conteh concedes defeat). I am (...)

| September 2009 | 784 views

Take it easy on Dr. Sama Banya

By Alpha Lebbie, Boston, USA. I keenly follow the news on SaLone via the internet since I live in the diaspora. This is one way I keep in touch with (...)

| September 2009 | 973 views

Is Dr. Banya Kailahun’s burden?

By Abdul B Kamara aka Chief, USA. If my memory serves me well the name Dr.Sama Banya commonly known as PUAWUI is a classic example of a politician who (...)

| September 2009 | 943 views

Cillaty blasts Payne-Benjamin meeting

This is the same Payne who was advising Bill Clinton whose work in Congress led to Jesse Jackson’s appointment as Special envoy for Africa. And (...)

| July 2009 | 932 views