Letter to editor

We don’t need foreign aid in Sierra Leone

In a radio discussion in Bo I was bold to tell the people that Sierra Leone does not need all the handouts we have been receiving from the international (...)

| March 2008 | 1393 views

The case of the $52,000 SLRA vehicle

Dear Editor, There is a suspected deal involving the Director of Sheladia Associates Inc. in the U.S Mr. Caporia, the head of operations of CSE in (...)

| January 2008 | 1693 views

Momoh Conteh should do his home work

Dear Editor, Please allow me to comment about a recent rumor from Kabala made by one Momoh Conteh in the Freetown media about Mr BABARGALEH (...)

| January 2008 | 1183 views

Letter from FSSG student

Dear Editor, My name is Fudia Sillah and I am a student of (FSSG) FREETOWN SECONDARY SCHOOL FOR GIRLS. I just want to wish you and the staff of (...)

| December 2007 | 1454 views

Please help stop the killers!

Dear Editor, I do not have any intention to exhaust you with sad information about horrible things that have happened and those that are happening in (...)

| December 2007 | 1397 views

Stop insulting us, John Benjamin

Dear Editor, Kindly allow me to address an important issue that is heart breaking and devastating because it hurts as Mr. John Benjamin(former Finance (...)

| December 2007 | 4864 views

Unity, Freedom and Justice

By Dr.Al Falfa, Las Vegas, USA. INTRO: What follows can ONLY be accomplished with the honesty, integrity, cooperation, and dedication of all involved. (...)

| November 2007 | 1043 views

These girls need help

Dear Editor, Kindly allow me space in your highly respected news outlet to enlighten many people about the seriousness of the crazy war and the (...)

| November 2007 | 927 views

Please help save Mariatu Kamara!

Dear Editor, Kindly help so the bitter cry of Miss Mariatu Kamara will be heard . She is crying for help because the deadly sickle cell disease is (...)

| November 2007 | 1318 views

Voting is not the end of responsibility

Dear editor, Kindly send this message across so many people will understand why qualified Sierra Leoneans living abroad especially supporters of this (...)

| November 2007 | 898 views

My heart continues to bleed

One of the several ’’ VERY UNPRODUCTIVE’’ IMF( International Monetary Fund) conditionalities that were imposed on the Government of Sierra Leone(SLPP (...)

| October 2007 | 1223 views


Dear Editor, Kindly allow space in your news outlet for an important issue of great concern to many people in Sierra Leone and abroad. I believe public (...)

| September 2007 | 926 views