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Lawyer Abu Bakarr Kalokoh, the Joseph and David of the times

28 October 2021 at 04:13 | 1127 views

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By Dr Yahya Kaloko, USA

Love him or hate him, lawyer Abu Bakarr Kalokoh (photo) epitomizes the Biblical/Islamic Joseph/Yusuf and David/Daud of our times. He espouses goodwill even to those who hate and fight to vanquish him in public, or in a cowardly fashion in nooks and corners, or using the power of darkness. His affable demeanor and respect but resolute stance for his beloved APC Party is unmatched by most, if not all, contestants for the leadership of the APC at all times.

We have many in our midst today who at some point left the party on their own volition to join other parties. That was a time when the party was going through difficult times, fighting hard to climb difficult political terrains. We also have some currently claiming to be APC who have formed pacts with the current SLPP regime for personal gain. We have heard the sounding off from some of these actors during the 10/11 years of APC rule, blowing steam hotter than nuclear explosion clouds, on how much they love the party, ready and willing to sacrifice everything under the sun.

We also have aspirants for the 2023 flagbearer contest for the APC who have no clue on what the party stands for and what it has achieved in governance since the 60s. They are clueless on the party’s political ideology, but trying to claim the upper ground. Unfortunately too, we have witnessed utterances from many who claim to be grassroots APC members since the beginning of time, dancing to the unsavory tune of unity for an aspirant for flagbearer (not yet flagbearer), who has not proffered any recognition of APC accomplishments over the decades.

I cannot imagine where one can be embraced free onboard in a household he or she never invested in, but still refuses to show any sign of gratitude to that household; refuses to embrace or even acknowledge the kindness of the host. Looks like it’s only in the APC such behavior can be tolerated. You will not see an iota of such behavior in the SLPP. It’s therefore only hate, greed, ignorance or monetary gain that drive some self-proclaimed party loyalist to be calling for unity around such a candidate against other more suitable candidates, with a pedigree in party history and accomplishments. These are party faithfuls who had fought in the trenches for love of party and country for decades.

Remember, when things are given free of charge to people, many fail to even acknowledge or value the kindness provided them. But one who suffers in the trenches, fighting for what he or she believes in will end up being more appreciative of successes. In the dispensation of power when in governance, we brought in many outsiders to join, hoping to broaden or grow the party. This was done on the backs of those who fought very hard for our 2007 victory. In the end many were left to languish, nothing to show for their sacrifices. But it is even more troubling to see some of the same sufferers who did not enjoy the fruits of their labor the last time to be dancing with both hands and feet, as the Temne says “lak a baka” for someone who was given a leadership position in a silver platter, and cannot even recognize till this day the hands of openness given. It is therefore important for the APC to ensure this time around our party flagbearer undergoes the rigors of campaigns, fighting for every vote.


Lawyer Abu Bakarr Kalokoh has always stood firm in his faith for the party. There were times in the past when some current actors pretending to be holier than the “Holy” even more than the Pope or Chief Imam who attempted to recruit lawyer Abu Bakarr Kalokoh to leave the APC and join Late Thaimu Bangura (may his soul rest in peace), or the current Speaker of the Sierra Leone Parliament, Hon. Abas Bundu’s party. But lawyer Kalokoh’s love and faith in the party rebuffed them. We will soon start calling them by their names if they continue misbehaving.

It is important to make the above distinctions because lawyer Abu Bakarr Kalokoh’s stance on the current party flagbearer contest is clear. His inclination towards the party is based on purity. It’s high time the party cleaned up its act. The party has been pushed to the fringes of liberalism where it recruits candidates who have no business being APC flagbearer, and even refuse to acknowledge what the party stands for and its achievements in the 60 years of our nation.

Some of those reading this piece, betrayers of the party in the past know themselves, should be ashamed. Some of them are again pretending to be high priests, holding the keys to heaven’s gate in the battle to lead the party or promote candidates. The ignominy of their past actions caused the party many years in the wilderness. This is again about to happen if the party does not get its act together.

Based on what our party stands for, it is still willing to embrace all the prodigal sons and daughters who have at some point betrayed the party. But they must realize, if they are sincere enough and love the party as they claim, they do not have the moral virtue to cry down those who stood the test of times, in good and difficult moments in history to fight for the party.

Let’s take a page from historical contexts. The only nations on Earth that survived the test of times and remain seemingly strong are those that espouse a nationalistic approach in geo-political battles. Consider the Israelites, the US, China, etc. These nations have prevailed because they consider first their regions, and use the derived strength to conquer externally. But that strategy is only achievable in one who believes in what his party stands for, and is willing to be constant like the Northern Star to achieve victory.

Lawyer Abu Bakarr Kalokoh believes the party must go back to its historical foundation. It won in 1967 and in 2007 mainly because of building strong political infrastructure in the Northern and Western regions. He believes and is battle tested to realize that dream. The current SLPP Government uses the same strategy. Is it then a crime for the APC Party to do likewise? Hell no. I love the American stance on winners. Most of the time, the end justifies the means, notwithstanding the casualties.

To be a viable party of the future, the APC must first think local then global. It must start rebuilding its power structures in its regional strongholds, the Northern and Western regions, create impregnable defenses. The political math shows the SLPP only has about 30% of the country’s electorate in their South Eastern strongholds. They depend on chipping in the Northern and Western fringes to win. With lawyer Abu Kalokoh, a master strategist in Law and Politics, who has ferociously and with much substance challenged the Bio Administration on many fronts, will be the strongest flagbearer for the APC in 2023. Apart from being a clean candidate with no corruption flavor around him, he has proven to the Bio administration that he is fairly balanced in his approach to political discourse. He has challenged the Bio administration with substance when it commits excesses.

For those who think this piece will continue to divide the APC, especially Diasporans, I have this to say: We have lived in Democracies and seen how candidates of the same party fight for leadership. In the end they will all come together to embrace the winner in the interest of party and country. Please stop brainwashing our electorate in the fight for the soul of our party. Let us ensure we elect, not select or crown, someone with no fire in the belly to fight for the posterity of our party. Sometimes wuna dey use bad heart for wuna party en country. Wuna dey overseas dey enjoy the fruits of Democracy. Bot wey e cam pan wuna contry, wuna dey prefer for leh things continue as usual, living in stone age mentality.

You can create many Judases to destroy lawyer Abu Bakarr Kalokoh. But if he is the anointed Joseph/Yusuf, David/Daud of our times, you will be cursed too because of your hate. It’s only hate that will go the extra mile to destroy a family for political gains. I offer myself as free fodder to those who will use ill-informed family members to dissociate themselves from me and Lawyer Kalokoh. I will feel very proud to be the second in my family, after lawyer Abu Bakarr Kalokoh, the Joseph/Yusuf and David/Daud of our times, to be lynched by opportunists, because of my political beliefs in my beloved brother, the politically indomitable member of our party, the All People’s Congress, APC and for country.


Thank You.

The writer, Dr. Yayah Kaloko