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Kenya: Sierra Leone clinches two trophies

By  | 28 September 2010 at 04:50 | 802 views

The Sierra Leone community in Kenya over the weekend clinched two golden trophies for the volley ball and basket ball competitions in a tripartite sports competition at the Marist College grounds in Karen, Nairobi.

Organized by three friendly southern African countries (Zambia, Zimbabwe and Malawi), the aim of this sporting event was to strengthen the friendly relations between these countries through sports. Sierra Leone was also invited to participate as a friendly nation in this sports events.

Hundreds of nationals and fans of the four countries were all dressed in their respective national colours to participate and cheer for their teams.

The sporting events included athletics, basketball, volley ball, team building and soccer for men and women and other sporting activities for children.

Photo (above): Sierra Leone team officials, left to right: Dr. Siaka Kroma, Foday Sesay (Team Captain) and Tynesson Williams. Top photo: Team Salone with trophies.

The Sierra Leone community in Kenya garnered their support during their outstanding performance on the pitch when they outplayed and humiliated Zimbabwe during the final basketball tournament with a score line of 33 – 25 in favour of Sierra Leone.

Salone volley ball team

The finals for the volley ball tournament were between Malawi and Sierra Leone. This was the most thrilling of three matches where the six man Sierra Leonean side dismissed the Malawian side with a final score of 15/8 in favour of Sierra Leone. Sierra Leone had earlier on eliminated Zambia which brought them to the finals.

Salone soccer team

The championship for team building warming up sporting activity was clinched by Sierra Leone led by DJ Pius. Sierra Leone was eliminated during the first round of the soccer match by Zambia ( 2 goals to 0). However, the two remaining matches that would have brought Sierra Leone into the competition again were called off as a result of time. The champion’strophy for soccer was then awarded to Zambia.

Commenting on the events, a Sierra Leonean expatriate who was also present to cheer for his country explained that sports as a tool for Peace and Development has a very big impact on the lives of people.

"Its strong emotional power is so dynamic that it can easily change millions of peoples’ ideas in a second," he said.

He further maintained that lessons and values learned by people involved in various sports activities whether on the soccer field, swimming or on an athletic race track have applications for life.

"Sports functions must therefore develop the fundamental elements of sports geared towards the achieving of the Millennium Development Goals," he added.