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Kabbah to Face London Demo

By  | 28 November 2005 at 06:03 | 531 views

A group of Sierra Leoneans calling themselves the "Defenders of Democracy and Good Governance in Sierra Leone" has planned a demonstration to be held at the forthcoming donor conference in London.

The conference, scheduled to be held on Tuesday November 29 is expected to be attended by President Ahmad Tejan Kabbah or his representative and other senior government officials.

In a public notice issued Sunday, November 27, a representative of the group, Joko Lahai, says the group "aims to highlight to the international community the absolute lack of accountability, transparency and scrutiny, social justice and democracy" in Sierra Leone and that "the abscence of them must be matters of high consideration in determining more financial help for Sierra Leone".

The Vanguard shall update its readers on this issue in the hours ahead. Stay tuned.

Photo:President Kabbah, trouble ahead.