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JFK undeterred by rumour mongers

17 June 2017 at 22:19 | 2054 views


By Ranger, Freetown.

As the campaign for flagbearer of the APC intensifies many detractors of Joseph F Kamara have gone berserk, peddling all sorts of false propaganda against him in a bid to discourage his many supporters. False rumours doing the rounds of JFK’s eligibility are simply just what they are; FALSE. These rumours are aimed at discouraging both the aspirant and his supporters to pull out of the race. However what it has been able to do is to strengthen JFK’s resolve and that of his supporters. It should be recalled that the acting scribe of the party Amb. Yansaneh had publicly highlighted to the nation the respective criteria for qualification for the much coveted position of flagbearer.

It should be noted that JFK meets with the criteria outlined by Amb. Yansaneh and he would not be deterred by any unfounded and mischievous propaganda from any group. It is the hope of this writer that the campaign will be conducted on facts, ideology and performance rather than on cheap propaganda which is calculated to create misunderstandings. Supporters of JFK view these rumour mongers as trying to sow discord in the party and they should know that the Chairman of the party HE President Koroma has worked very hard to get the party to where it is today and no one should be allowed to stimulate bad blood among the comrades. After all it is one APC and at the of the day, whoever emerges as winner of the race needs the support of the whole body polity to succeed the president and advance the work he has already done.

While it is clear that some aspirants had succumb to this cheap propaganda and withdrawn from the race, supporters of JFK both within and out of the party stay committed to the man they see fit to replace President Koroma. JFK is the people’s choice and this will become clearer on convention day. At present the leader is preoccupied with arranging his team in a manner that will attract people who are on the fence and contemplating on what party to join in the 2018 elections. His popularity both within and outside the party has not waned; he continues to fly high like an eagle.