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JFK, Sylvia, MB selfie

13 March 2017 at 22:37 | 1154 views

Hi All,

I see people giving me credit as a peacemaker between Mohamed and JFK. I don’t believe that is a credit I deserve. Firstly, to the best of my knowledge, I’m not aware the two men needed peace to be brokered between them.

I was today waiting to see His Excellency President Koroma when both JFK and Mohamed stepped out of their meeting with H.E. with the two men (JFK and Mohamed) beaming with smiles. Being the quintessential journalist, I saw a nice photo story as against the recent untrue propaganda - and took the chance to not only take photos of the two men but to ensure I was present in a selfie with them both so no one will say it was an old photo.

It was just my journalism instinct which kicked in. Any credit for the two brothers being reconciled might belong to H.E. President Koroma if indeed they had really needed to be reconciled. They both left His Excellency’s office beaming with smiles and laughing with one another.

Na photo normor ar take oh! If na for praise me over how the photo fine, then give me that credit but anything else around two brilliant APC men whom I am happy to sit in Cabinet with, is not my credit.

Let me not take credit I don’t deserve please.

Long live the APC
APC na one word oh.

Hon. Dr. Sylvia O. Blyden.
13th March 2017.