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JFK’s vision for agriculture in Sierra Leone

10 October 2017 at 21:12 | 2242 views

By Our Correspondent

The philosophy of practice what you preach are signs of good leadership,honesty and patriotism. This is clearly manifested by the Hon. Attorney General and Minister of Justice, Joseph F. Kamara, the leading flagbearer aspirant for the All Peoples Congress.

Prior to his official declaration to lead the APC party to the 2018 Presidential and Parliamentary elections, JFK in almost all of his interviews with the press emphasized the diversification of Sierra Leone’s economy from mineral resources to Agriculture. He believes mechanized farming is the key to solving the problem of food insecurity and joblessness for the youths. With mechanized farming jobs will be created for a large percentage of the youth population thus reducing Rural-Urban migration.

Early this year JFK engaged in the planting of casava and mangoes in the Port Loko axis, North of Sierra Leone. In Magbalay, Lower Marampa, JFK engaged the youth to plough 10(ten) acres of land with mangoes and cassava. This farm is not only symbolic of the bigger plan the Hon. Attorney General and Minister of Justice has for Sierra Leone when elected President but has also sent a message of hope for the idle youths in the Lower Marampa area.

During his unannounced visit to the farm on Sunday 8th October, 2017JFK was greeted with dancing and jubilation among the youths who said their lives have changed since JFK engaged them to work on his farm.

Speaking to the Northern Coordinator for the JFK Movement, Alie the General on the impact of the farm on the lives of the community, he explained that the youth in Magbalay village described JFK as their saviour and the poor man’s friend.

" We don’t just work on the farm as labourers. JFK provides food, shelter and a decent living for those of us who are workers on his farm. He is God sent and empathises with the poor," he said.

As far as the Attorney General is concerned, he has for the last 10 years closely monitored progress in the President’s Agenda for Change that has metamorphosed to the Agenda for proseperity.’ and described agriculture as an area that is worth investing some resources.

In a related related development JFK in his usual passionate mood for the APC visited the party’s northern region party Headquarter to monitor progress and preparedness by the contractor to host the forthcoming convention in the new edifice.