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JFK’s good leadership qualities

18 July 2017 at 01:11 | 1800 views

By Naomi Tom Tee

Here are some of the good qualities of the Hon. Attorney General Joseph Fitzgerald Kamara:

- He doesn’t get big headed about his wealth, influence or position. He gives whatever is needed to succeed.

- He has a strong vision for the future of our country and an ability to put his time in the perspective of history, effective communication skills , courage to make decisions and maintains a good balance of his character and integrity. He is bold with great charisma.

- All Sierra Leoneans have different ideas about the importance that character plays in job performance. You can’t be a rogue with immoral behaviour and become a good leader. JFK can wear all the hats that symbolize great leadership in representing our country and putting us on the world map again. That represents what he values and he will lead us to the future. Great leaders are not born, becoming a great leader is not done overnight, it is achieved through hard work and commitment as JFK is demonstrating now.

He is a man that always makes his expectations and feelings clear, in the appropriate medium.Talking less and saying nothing is better than saying anything. He has a consistent behaviour; therefore he can make firm decisions.He doesn’t leave things undecided for a long time and does not waiver for a decision. That is how together we can make things happen by supporting a true leader.

- JFK is ready to make things happen; let us embrace him and be strong . Together we can make things happen. Kudos to all JFK supporters