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JFK Movement UK branch donates

4 October 2017 at 14:43 | 1780 views

Mr. Sanussi of the JFK Movement UK/Ireland branch recently presented the sum of Le10M to the Attorney General and Minister of Justice on behalf of the diaspora branch(UK/Ireland) as their contribution towards preparations for the October 14 APC Convention.He also presented a cow on behalf of his family and the people of Constituency 066.

On receiving the donation, the Attorney General Hon.Joseph F. Kamara in his usual humble and appreciative mood thanked Sanussi, his family and the UK/Ireland branch for their relentless support to the Movement. He said no amount is too small as far as the JFK Movement is concerned.

" The mere thought of supporting the cause is highly appreciated. Few months ago we were in the UK and you guys were extraordinarily supportive, leaving your jobs and busy schedules in the West to be with my team is a very serious commitment and show of love for which I will continue to be grateful, said.