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Introducing Weave Journal

8 May 2013 at 17:04 | 448 views

Introducing Weave, a New Journal on Sierra Leone

Unleash the genius in you! For all those out there, like us, who have hungered for a singular platform to share our intellectual, academic, and creative discoveries about Sierra Leone, the wait is over. We are happy to announce the launch of Research in Sierra Leone Studies (RISLS), Weave for short.

The first of its kind, Research in Sierra Leone Studies (RISLS): Weave is a refereed, open access, open-text, biannual electronic journal that publishes articles, book reviews, interviews, poetry, fiction, drama, and dissertation and thesis abstracts on all topics Sierra Leonean.

Though Weave will from time to time publish special issues (focusing on specific fields or themes), the journal, in keeping with its preference for open, unfettered and rigorous research, welcomes submissions in any field and on any topic, at any time. The approach to topics can be national, international, diasporic, or global.

Weave is certainly not the first journal dedicated to Sierra Leone. And it is not the only journal on Sierra Leone. Many have come before it and gone. However, with your participation, we fervently hope it will become and remain at once a source of edification and a launching pad for innovative ways of approaching, engaging, producing, and circulating knowledge on and about Sierra Leone.

Research in Sierra Leone Studies (RISLS): Weave can be freely accessed world-wide via the Internet. The journal’s inaugural issue (Volume 1 No 1) with works by Eldred Jones, Eustace Palmer, Thomas Yormah, Braima James, Ismail Rashid, etc. is now available. Click here to access it:

Have a great visit, and spread the word around, far and wide.

And we are already accepting submissions for the next issue. Do you have some thing to contribute? Why not try us?

For the Weave Editorial Team:

Mohamed Kamara, Book Review Editor